Book review: Zer0es (Chuck Wendig)

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Chuck Wendig

ISBN: 0062351559 (ISBN13: 9780062351555)

Publishing August 18th, Harper Voyager





Five hackers are shanghaied by the government. An Anonymous style exposer-of-secrets, an arab spring hacktivist, a black hat thief, a troll, and a conspiracy theory loving cypherpunk–an odd group, certainly. But they were chosen carefully.

After their abduction to a location known as ‘The Lodge”, they are told they can hack for the government for a year, or go to federal prison. They dub themselves ‘The Zeroes’.

Quickly, things take a strange and scary turn when they begin to find commonalities in the companies and organizations they’re told to hack. Strange footprints are everywhere.

Who is Typhon?

This novel beings like many other cyber-espionage stories, but remains firmly within the science fiction realm. The pacing works well, it begins with character development, and soon hits the ground running with action and twists that will surprise you. Wendig writes nuanced characters and snappy dialogue, as well as plot twists that keep the book fresh and surprising. I also felt the techno-jargon wasn’t overwhelming for non-techie people, but also didn’t skimp so much that techie folks like myself would be disturbed or distracted.


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JL JamiesonBook review: Zer0es (Chuck Wendig)