Book: Silence Fallen (Patricia Briggs)

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silence fallenSilence Fallen

Patricia Briggs


March 7th, 2017


When Mercy Thompson goes out to pick up more ingredients to make cookies for a pack of hungry werewolves, she’s gone for a little longer than she bargained for.

A car rams her truck when she tries to drive home, and she’s kidnapped by a group of vampires. Once she comes to, she discovers that she can’t feel her pack bonds. In a panic, she knows she needs to escape and find her way home–one way or another.

While she’s gone, pack alpha Adam Hauptman (who is also Mercy’s mate) is struggling to keep his wolf in check, now that he can’t feel his bond to his wife anymore. He discovers that she’s been taken in a power struggle between local and European vampires, and everything needs to be handled carefully, lest war erupt.

The Mercy Thompson series is about a coyote shifter married to a werewolf pack alpha, managing supernatural affairs for their northwest territory.

I love the Mercy Thompson series, and Silence Fallen is a strong addition to it. We get an interesting perspective in this one, as it alternates between Mercy and Adam’s point of view, and Briggs plays around a bit with the narrative’s timeline. We are reminded of how much Mercy has evolved, and how the wolves in the pack have come to understand just how strong she is. It’s nice to see that more directly from Adam’s point of view as well.


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JL JamiesonBook: Silence Fallen (Patricia Briggs)