Book: Sovereign (April Daniels)

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Sovereign: Nemesis Book Two

April Daniels

Diversion Books

July 25th, 2017


Danny is trying to pick up the pieces after her big fight with supervillian Utopia. She’s getting a contract with the city that’ll make her financially independent, she’s going to court to win her independence from her mentally abusive parents, and she just might have a way to revive the Legion. She couldn’t have seen this problem coming.

Ultra rich guy Richard Garrison contacts her about a project he’d love to involve her in–and she’s stunned when she finds out what it is. When she flatly turns him down, he and an old nemesis of Danny’s hold her hostage and do terrible things to try to forward their agenda.

Escaping and saving the world are both paramount, but Danny also needs to make sure her friends are ok–after all, one of her closest friends in an identity crisis, and the other has Danny feeling inadequate despite her superpowers.

Sovereign is the second book in the Nemesis series, and this plucky little series about a trans superhero keeps moving along at pretty fast pace. We get some great character development from Danny, who is learning to live with PTSD and a demolished personal confidence. We see all the day to day life issues she has as well as her becoming stronger and dealing with them, making friends and healing.

The second novel is every bit as good as the first, and I really hope another is on the way soon.

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JL JamiesonBook: Sovereign (April Daniels)