Book: The Stars Beneath Our Feet (David Barclay Moore)

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The Stars Beneath Our Feet

David Barclay Moore

Alfred A. Knopf Books

September 19th, 2017


Wallace Rachpaul–his friends call him Lolly–has always loved Legos. After his brother is shot dead in the street by a rival gang the Legos become an escape of sorts, allowing him to create a world under his control.

His mother has him enrolled in a community center program, and he finds that creating his imaginary city in Legos alongside an unconventional new friend is far better therapy than talking to Mr. Ali about how he feels. It gives him the strength he needs when the choice to seek revenge for his brother’s death or build the future he so desperately wants stands before him.

A touching book about having to grow up far too fast, and the realities that inner city youth are confronted with. Lolly fights to develop coping skills and learns that being different isn’t a bad thing when he takes the time to get to know an autistic girl who starts building with him at the community center.

Beautiful, and would appeal to readers young and old alike.

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JL JamiesonBook: The Stars Beneath Our Feet (David Barclay Moore)