Book: The Uploaded (Ferrett Steinmetz)

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The UploadedThe Uploaded

Ferrett Steinmetz

Angry Robot

September 5th, 2017

Amichai Damrosch just wanted to keep his sister comfortable while they were alive, and prepare for their life after death. It’s hard when the dead see all your memories once a day and vote on whether or not you can join them in the digital afterlife. Makes living that much harder.

The Upterlife was created so that people wouldn’t be lost after death – their memories and consciousness could be uploaded to live on indefinitely. The problem is, the dead have more voters, so most of the resources and comforts in the living reality go to the care of their servers and virtual worlds rather than to the living that maintain them.

When Amichai and his friends run afoul of a secret government testing facility bent on subjugating the will of the living, he begins to question how their society works.

I pretty much love everything I’ve read from Ferrett Steinmetz, and The Uploaded is no exception. It’s an inventive new dystopian world, where people look forward to death because their digital life will treat them with more humanity than their actual, physical human lifetime. People essentially slave away in reality to support the digital upper class.

Steinmetz knows his craft well, and gives us characters that are above all, interesting people. The Uploaded appears to be a standalone book, and it’s one you’ll want to grab for your ‘to read’ pile.

The Uploaded review


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