Book: Volatile Bonds (Jaye Wells)

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Volatile Bonds

Jaye Wells

September 12th, 2017


Detective Kate Prospero is still  working with the Magical Enforcement Agency, because life never stops being crazy in the Cauldron. When a house explodes, the MEA learns there’s a new player in town slinging a dangerous potion that kills the people who use it. Between the potion and a potential clash between covens, bodies could start piling up.

I’ve always liked this series, and I’d been disappointed that there hadn’t been a new one in some time. It’s an interesting world–one where magic is a normal part of life, with both legal and illegal uses. Prospero is the black sheep of her family, being a cop from a family of drug cartel/mobster style potion slingers. She can easily spot and read potions when she sees them, as she used to cook potions herself.

It’s best to enter into reading the series at the first book, Dirty Magic. Volatile Bonds is the fourth book in the series, and they were a quick read for me because I find them quite diverting. Wells has written over 25+ books, and it shows. Her characters are interesting, three-dimensional people, and her worlds have depth and development that leave you with entertaining reads that you’ll finish all too quickly.


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JL JamiesonBook: Volatile Bonds (Jaye Wells)