Carrie Fisher is Your New Best Friend

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Carrie Fisher Advice Guardian
Need some worthy advice? You can now ask Carrie Fisher.

Advice From the Dark Side

Teller of tales, survivor of life, the woman that flipped off George Lucas and the big sister you wish you had, who better to dispense wisdom? She might not be right, but at least she’ll be funny.

While we all might wish we could spend an afternoon with a woman savvy enough to know she doesn’t know it all (and you can get a good dose of Carrie by following her on Twitter), now you can catch Carrie’s ear, or eye, I suppose, by writing in to her new advice column in the Guardian UK newspaper.

Carrie Fisher

how we drink our coffee in the London PCB office.

Fisher has been spending more time over here lately, as she appears as Rob Delaney’s cantankerous mother in the London-based show “Catastrophe”. (We’ve been on top of that series for a while now.)

In her own words: “I want you all to consider calling on me with your (obstacles) and I will provide solicited advice, based on a life filled with pratfalls and accidents (both in traffic and out).”

So, for questions of the heart, career queries, or quandries such as who had more parenting issues to overcome, Carrie or Kylo Ren, Ms. Fisher is your new Dear Abby.


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Photo courtesy of The Guardian:  Armando Gallo/Corbis


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Martina O'BoyleCarrie Fisher is Your New Best Friend