Check Out Best iPhone Games You Should Be Playing

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Check out Best iPhone Games you should be playing

iPhone is undoubtedly one of the best phones in the market and especially for mobile gaming. The bigger screen and higher resolution of the latest versions like the iPhone 7 bring out the best of every game. Plus, the App Store houses millions of games that can be easily downloaded on the iOS platform. But this overwhelming number of games comes with a difficulty of not knowing what to choose. Here are some of the best iPhone games available for mobile gamers to try out.

The Silent Age

An action packed adventure game with a time travel plot, The Silent Age has an interesting storyline. Set in the Cold War period, the protagonist Joe Average is out to save mankind. This enthralling sci-fi game includes some puzzles in its gameplay.

Horizon Chase

This one is for the motorheads out there. The racing game joins the track of Outrun and Top Gear, but with an old-school retro vibe. Race on the different tracks and advance to further levels to add your dream cars to the fleet.

Vikings: an Archer’s Journey

This game charts the journey of a Valkyrie in a snowy forest, where he has to kill the enemies he encounters. There are multiple characters each with a unique style of shooting that can be unlocked at each level.

Deus Ex Go

The Go gaming series of Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go is developed into a trilogy with this Deus Ex Go. This sophisticated puzzle-based game will be a satisfying one for the geeks with its clever hacking puzzles that get complex with each level.

Type shift

The classic crossword puzzle gets a modern digital makeover. Type shift is a word search game where players are required to form words by re-arranging the alphabets. The Clue Puzzles level advances to a crossword mode with hints.

Oxen free

Oxen free follows a storyline where a group of teenagers are stuck on a mysterious island. Alex and his friends encounter supernatural forces in their stay and traverse the island in an attempt to escape it. The portrayal of casual teenage characters along with their typical bickering makes this game a nostalgic and enjoyable one.

Cut the rope: Magic

Candy-themed games are all the rage in the gaming world. This sequel to the Cut the rope game is a colourful and glossy one. Help Om Nom claim his candy back from an evil wizard through the physics-based puzzles.

Super Mario Run

Mario is back and this time on your iPhone. Nintendo offers a free version of the game which may not satisfy Super Mario fans. But the $10 version allows access to the whole Mushroom Kingdom for your speed running indulgence.

Steam world Heist

Steam world Heist is a thrilling turn-based strategy game. You and your robotic crew are taking on a far-away galaxy’s inhabitants with intense shootouts and combats in this heist game.

Clash of Clans

Already a favourite among mobile gamers, Clash of Clans requires its players to build settlements and protect it from other clans by structuring defences. Bitter battles ensue between the clans that require some clever planning from your side.

Check out these iPhone games and you are sure to be impressed with the amazing gaming experience ever. There are lots of games out there, but Monster Casino briefed about the best games for gamers.


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Garon CockrellCheck Out Best iPhone Games You Should Be Playing