Coachella 2018, Why so popular?

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Coachella 2018, Why so popular?

Coachella is the USA California Annual Music and Arts Carnival.  About 100 Popular musicians come to perform and mingle with fans. However, Coachella 2018 was held in April but still is the most talked about music festival. Here is why it has caused a big uproar this year.


If you are a Beyonce fan, you will agree that Queen Bee is a vivacious performer. Remember how she announced her first pregnancy on MTV Video Music Awards 2011 which was soon after a heated act on stage? Or when she hit the music charts with the album Lemonade? Even Adele would say she showed off another side we are not used to, which was fresh and always fabulous. What else can Beyonce not do?

Well, Coachella was off-the-hook with Beychella with an outrageous performance. No wonder why she became a first woman of color to headline the music festival in California and online casinos seem to write more about her trips. Seems like wherever she goes she takes her girls (Kelly and Mitchell) with her too. That’s the other reason we love Beyonce, even when she has become so successful, she never forgets her friends.

The Run The World hitmaker performed several of her Lemonade songs and few of her Destiny’s Child songs with her girl group colleagues.

More insane and outrageous acts come from Pharell Willams, The Weekend and Eminem.

Big Turn up

According to reports Coachella 2017 had about 125 000 attendance over a six-day period. It also had 167 performing acts. Meanwhile, this year’s attendance increased because there was a highly anticipated performance coming from Beyonce, Cardi B, The Weekend and many other celebrated performers.

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Fashion trends

Coachella fashion is inspired by the most celebrated performers and summer time. The event was quite fashionable. However, we will discuss the Coachella Street-wise fashion that was on trending too.

The Cornrows hairstyles, the crop tops, the fringe and cutoffs jeans, gladiator sandals, choker jewelry, you name it. The streetwise fashion with a vintage aspect attached to it. That was the Coachella fashion trends.

Fashion Historian, Emmanuelle Dirix would explain the deep interest in celebrities has created a uniform fashion trend mostly the festival outfits. It is the Instagram generation, hence the girlish look and good for the selfie attire.

Fashion observers reported that the festival fashion can be traced back to what today’s USA parents wore during their youth days on the musical festival such as the Coachella. Just a little twist here and there but music is the reason why the festival outfits look street-wise.



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Garon CockrellCoachella 2018, Why so popular?