Comics: The Hellblazer Vol. 1: The Poison Truth (Simon Oliver, Moritat)

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dc hellblazerThe Hellblazer (Rebirth): Vol 1: The Poison Truth

Simon Oliver, Moritat

DC Comics

April 4th, 2017

John Constantine is back, and so is his old friend Swamp Thing.


We start the volume with Constantine finagling his way back to England after being cursed by a demon to stay well clear of it–using the tried and true Constantine methods of playing chicken with disaster. He ropes in an old friend for assistance–a psychic named Mercury. She’s naturally angry with him (who isn’t when he appears), but ends up along for the ride when further mystery comes knocking.

Swampy gets hold of John because his old flame (and the avatar of The Rot) is missing. She’s supposed to be presiding over her domain of The Rot, but she’s not there.

This could be really, really bad.

In the pursuit of the whereabouts of the extremely powerful avatar of entropy, John stumbles onto the fact that there’s someone pulling the strings in this potentially cataclysmic mystery–and he’s far older and more powerful than anyone expects.

But then, dealing with Djinn is always bad news.

This collection of the new DC run of The Hellblazer is pretty damn good. It’s the Constantine we old school Vertigo fans all know and love, hip deep in world ending shenanigans. Definitely worth picking up for fans old and new. Yes, it’s a reboot, but so far, it’s at least true to the character.



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JL JamiesonComics: The Hellblazer Vol. 1: The Poison Truth (Simon Oliver, Moritat)