Concert Review: The Zutons, Manchester

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Zutons review

The Zutons

The Zutons? You know that band, you know them from that song… ummm, “Valerie”! That’s the one!

Sad or bad for them, The Zutons had a song that was big but ultimately was bigger – huge –  for someone else. Think they are happy for the success Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson had with “Valerie”? Probably yes – they have publishing royalties, one assumes, for the song that hit #9 in the UK in 2006, but then #1 all over the world, and that’s where the money is.

Regardless, they are still going and, after an almost 10-year hiatus, they’re back touring their other, better, album, Who Killed… The Zutons? on its 15th anniversary. The show is excellent!

The crowd at Manchester’s Albert Hall didn’t care who wrote what, the excitement was huge and the love was evident. The Zutons kicked off the night to loud singalongs to songs like “Why Won’t You Give Me Your Love?” and “You Will You Won’t”. Proper fans, well into it. “Don’t Ever Think” was amazingly fun, and the craziness suggests they won’t ever be forgotten. Not the longest night out, but quality.

Unfortunately, The Zutons get pegged outside of the UK as a cover band – “Valerie”-  of their own song! The late night sell-out crowd response to “Pressure Point” quieted that silly idea. May they find the attention they deserve.


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Pop Culture BeastConcert Review: The Zutons, Manchester