“Die Hard” is your fave Christmas movie? How ‘Bout No?

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die hard christmas movie

die hard christmas movieA few years ago, the idea that “Die Hard is my favorite Christmas movie” was a novelty.

Then, it became a rallying cry for non-elitist movie fans who prefer their holiday flicks without sentimentality.

Now, it’s a cliche that has already worn out its welcome. (Although I do think Doogie Horner and JJ Harrison’s newly released mock-children’s book A Die Hard Christmas [pictured left] is a cute idea.)

In the new episode of How ‘Bout No?, I take on the phenomenon of declaring Die Hard your favorite Christmas movie.

Sure, it’s a Christmas movie. I don’t deny that.

But, if you want to be really impressive and offbeat, you can’t join the masses who are now holding up Die Hard (or, if they’re really “edgy,” Die Hard 2) as the American holiday cinema ideal.

You need to think outside the box. (And no, that doesn’t mean picking Gremlins either.)

I offer up a beloved comedy-mystery from the 1930s, which — like Die Hard — features a reluctant hero just trying to enjoy his Christmas vacation. If that one doesn’t do the trick, I offer up an obscure Canadian thriller from the ’70s which features Christopher Plummer as an intense, memorable villain to compete with Hans Gruber. And finally, if you just want to annoyingly remind someone that a fairly well-known movie that no one thinks of as a Christmas movie — wait for it — actually is a Christmas movie, I’ve got you covered there too.

In the closing “Hey, You Got Me” segment, I admit that a certain perennial holiday classic that I long avoided is actually darn good.

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Justin Remer“Die Hard” is your fave Christmas movie? How ‘Bout No?