All is Fair: The Split Worlds #3 (Emma Newman)

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all is fairAll is Fair

Emma Newman

Diversion Books

February 21, 2016 (Re-release)


I’ve read book 3 of the Split Worlds series in preparation for Book 4, out August 2nd.

Cathy has made a decision to stay in Nether Society and change things from within. Now, all she needs to do is figure out where to start. She’s found her old governess, the one who sparked her interest in feminism and life in Mundanus, and she finds out a secret left behind by the governess that leads her to find far more like minded individuals than she thought existed in the Nether. She also learns a very disturbing truth about the mysterious Agency.

William is beginning to see that he’s been played as a puppet. People have forced his hand into doing some horrible things, and he’s not quite sure how to set it all right.

Max and the gargoyle are fairly certain the Sorcerer of Wessex is well and truly mad, and when all but one of the other Sorcerers turn up dead, they get the confirmation they need. The Wessex becomes obsessed with bringing down the Sorcerer of Mercia, convinced that it was Mercia who killed the others.

Margritte Tulipa wants revenge for what William did top her husband, but she begins to regret the way she goes about it.

Sam is grieving his wife’s death, and has a run-in with the mysterious Lord Iron that changes his already weird life forever.

The lines of conspiracy throughout the Split Worlds series are beginning to converge, and many revelations occur. William finally becomes far less of an annoying tool and finally begins developing into the good guy we’d all hoped for. Not entirely, but he’s finally traveling in the right direction. Cathy is growing much more spine, the gargoyle might slowly be reminding Max he has a soul, and Sam….well, Sam is starting to get very interesting. A good addition to the series, and hints at radical changes coming to Nether Society for Book 4.

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JL JamiesonAll is Fair: The Split Worlds #3 (Emma Newman)