Why Games Nights Are The New Going Out

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Don’t get me wrong, going out can be fun. It can lead to crazy adventures, meeting new people or discovering something you didn’t know before. But while going out can be wildly exciting, nothing quite beats the comfort appeal of staying in, warm and cozy with your favorite people. Statistics show that increasing numbers of people are opting to snuggle on the sofa instead of hitting the tiles, citing lack of money and low energy as the main two reasons for staying in.

But staying in doesn’t have to be boring! Replicate the social experiences of a night out in your own home with a games night. Whether you are into multiplayer consoles, cards or traditional board games, hosting an entertaining evening of fun and tactics is a great way to spend time with people, enjoy yourself and maybe learn a thing or two!

Eating is not cheating

Having great food on the cards is what really sets games nights apart from going out. Does your local club bring you hot snacks and dips with your vodka tonic? Unlikely. Creating a delectable inexpensive menu for your gamers is a sure-fire way to boost the happiness ratings for your night. There are plenty of delicious game night recipes online, just keep in mind that they need to be compatible with the games you’re playing (fries + fingers = greasy cards). Try making food on skewers to avoid making a mess, such as spicy chicken kebabs, or cook up a big batch of chili for everyone to dig into between games.

Create more meaningful friendships

It’s loud in bars. Like, really loud. Paying full attention to your friends over the roar of a crowd and blaring speakers can be pretty tough, leading to an inevitable shrug and smile hoping that you gave the right answer to the last question. Staying at home and battling your friends in a poker tournament is a much better way to enjoy their company, you get to see how they deal with winning or if they use underhand tactics to beat everyone else. There is no substitute for making eye contact and listening to people to really understand what makes them tick. Obviously, not every game is going to be a covert experiment in psychoanalysis, but playing games with friends is a great way to see different sides to them and build bonds.

Avoid crowds

If you suffer from any sort of social anxiety, the thought of queueing for ages to then lose your friends in a huge crowd can be hugely unappealing. Or even worse, you need to pee and the line for the cubicle is 200 people deep. Games nights do away with all that fuss as you only invite the number of people you feel able to deal with, which means you get to use the toilet when you like and avoid sweaty armpits in your face. Applications such as FaceTime, Skype and Snap Chat now mean that you can also include friends who can’t easily come over for a visit. Playing charades with your bestie while she’s in Thailand will certainly add some adventure to the evening!

Think of the money

How many times have you woken up to find a huge dent in your bank account from late-night beer rounds? Thought your wallet was full but it’s actually just full of receipts? We have all been there. The average person spends between $70-$90 on a night out, which will add up to a significant sum if you go out regularly. While staying in doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get thunder drunk, it does mean you won’t have the option of waving your hammered credit card at the nearest barman when you think shots are a good idea. Save your pennies for a holiday!

WriterWhy Games Nights Are The New Going Out