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how bout no

how bout no They sure don’t make ’em like they used to.

Or at least that’s the premise of my new, homemade Youtube show for PCB, How ‘Bout No?

Why waste your time with new-fangled pop culture “events” that are all hype and no quality? There are already plenty of existing movies, shows, songs, and such that deserve to be discovered. Plus, you’ll probably like them more.

In the first episode of How ‘Bout No?, I grumble about this week’s big new release at the movies, Justice League. Most folks believe it will be terrible. Most folks will see it anyway.

But on the other hand… how ’bout no?

How ’bout you spend your time with some movies that have proven to provide the kind of entertainment that Justice League unconvincingly promises to deliver?

In this first episode, I offer three alternatives to Justice League: a graphic novel adaptation that was nominated for an Academy Award, a superhero flick that is genuinely imaginative and cool, and a classic team-up that pits a ragtag band of good guys against an army of evil.

I also close out the episode with a segment about a current blockbuster that I begrudgingly admit is worth your time and your hard-earned money (or MoviePass subscription, depending on your particular situation).

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Justin Remer“How ‘Bout No?” – New Youtube content from PCB