Is Music Losing Its Value?

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Is music losing its value?

Music is one sound that brings people from all walks of life together. But we wonder if this definition still applies. Knowing that there are different genres of music we also note that these were designed to cater to different people.

But still having those different genres it is important to note that they are evolving each day. In as much as people do not appreciate the process of things evolving, because they lose their quality they say. Could this be the same thing happening with music? Keep on reading and know which side you will take on this matter.

Music has changed for the better

The airplay of this time is rather different from that of back then. But that doesn’t mean that the quality is lost. People still enjoy music, don’t they? So what people need to understand is that generations are different. Just like old slots are different to new video slots found at sites such as but both provide real money entertainment.

People of this generation, what they face and what fascinates them, is different from back in the day. So clearly one cannot expect to be about the times that the audience never experienced. When it comes to music it comes down to what people can relate to. And that is why it doesn’t make sense to people of back in the day to be listening to some genres of music. Try playing them Beez in the trap and the next question is, why are the bees in the trap?

Let it evolve with quality

Some people do give the argument that yes let the music evolve. But does that mean that during the process it has to lose quality? And when we talk of quality we mean the soul in the music. Why can’t music evolve and still be good quality music?

Let it suit the present generation but what the argument lies is let the music say something or teach something. Not just making noise for the sake of making money or wanting airplay. This is why it is important to know the history of anything because that is the base. The foundation that you are supposed to build on and your music will be greatly appreciated.

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Garon CockrellIs Music Losing Its Value?