Book Review: The Liar’s Room, Simon Lelic

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review Liars Room

Review: The Liar’s Room

After a two-page opening that couldn’t be more attention grabbing, The Liar’s Room jumps back a bit to start our story in a therapist’s office; two people, the admitted not-doctor Susanna and the young, mysterious first time patient Adam.

Things move quickly, and we see Adam isn’t the only one with problems. Susanna’s internal monologue reveals her mind to be cluttered and her confidence shaky. Then we get a whiff of why, but what Susanna is hiding will only come out in good time, and under horrible distress.

Susanna’s isn’t the only voice we hear, here. Emily, her 14-year-old daughter, chimes in, and in a way she is the pivot point here.

The Liar’s Room, by Simon Lelic

Simon Lelic writes his characters as individuals, and the voice of his Susanna, kicking off the story, actually was somewhat irritating to get to know, her thoughts only doling out bite-sized biographical details, her actions probably what we would all due under duress but seeming cowardly in the situation. Then we learn more.

The Liar’s Room is a psychological thriller but the tension comes from those situations that are unlike what we might experience, thank goodness, but are rooted in family, and we all can relate to that.


review The Liar's Room

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