Looking Back at TES V: Skyrim

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Looking Back at TES V: Skyrim

Any who call themselves gamers will be aware of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as it has proven itself to be one of the best RPGs ever released. In fact, many would agree that it redefined the RPG genre in the sense that it brought it to the mainstream, introducing many casual gamers to the genre for the first time. Many things make the game so great, and they all work together to produce one of the greatest games ever made, though it is not perfect, is any game? Whilst having its drawbacks that are certainly not minor, the overall experience is so good that it still has players loading up new saves even to this day.

Veterans of Skyrim will always feel jealous of those who play the game for the first time as making a character and experiencing the world for the first time is one of those special moments that simply cannot be recreated no matter how hard one might try. Speaking of the world, the word vast does not come close to describing the scope of the world that developers Bethesda managed to create. It is simply massive, and it is not just empty space either, as some games tend to feature. There are rich, diverse characters that all have their own motivations and backstories while the carefully cultivated lore built up over 5 games is practically overflowing from scrolls, dialogue, and books, tempting players to unravel the mysteries of Tamriel.

It should at this point be painfully clear that Skyrim delivers one of the most immersive experiences possible. Game immersion is something that is desired by most gamers as it provides a form of escapism, which would have been especially useful during the recent pandemic. During this time, people would have turned to entertainment accessible from home such as online gambling though those who live in areas like Vermont, find this information at casino genie, would have had to look towards games to provide an escape from this tumultuous period.

At its heart, Skyrim is a purely interactive experience. The guidelines are there to guide gamers into progressing the story, but the truth is that these are rarely followed. Most gamers will take great joy in going outside the set path to find and explore new things, as this is where the game is at its best. In fact, the developers actively encourage this as there are plenty of secrets to find off the beaten path. In every Skyrim player’s journey, there will come a point in the game where their breath is simply stolen away. At the time, Skyrim boasted some of the best-looking graphics available on console and seeing a snow-covered tundra with the backdrop of Jeremy Soule’s ethereal soundtrack is something that players will come to anticipate and adore.

It is not a stretch to say that Skyrim is among the best games of all time. This is said in the face of game-breaking bugs, lacklustre voice acting and dated combat. There is no world in which these issues could take away from the positives that the game achieves, and it is simply a must-play for all gamers.

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Garon CockrellLooking Back at TES V: Skyrim