Lucifer Recap: What Would Lucifer Do?

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Lucifer Recap: What Would Lucifer Do?

Lucifer has started granting favors again.

New Boss Marcus is messing with Chloe. Ella thinks he likes Chloe, but I doubt that’s it.

Amenadiel is trying to understand how Lucifer is his test. He’s trying by the learning from Lucifer angle–this should be interesting.

“Go, release your inner Devil.”

The new murder is a reform program counselor stabbed to death.

Amenadiel tries to be like Lucifer…and fails miserably. He doesn’t really understand what makes people like Lucifer.

Meanwhile, Chloe is beginning to think Marcus’ problem with her could be Lucifer. However, didn’t Lucifer and Marcus come to an understanding over The Sinnerman? Marcus praises Lucifer over Chloe, much to Luci’s  embarrassment.

“Well, now. Looks like someone’s gunning for extra credit.”

Lucifer discovers that one of the reform program kids was growing pot on the property.

Amenadiel gets tossed in jail for fighting a pimp, because he slept with a prostitute and didn’t realize until she expected money for it.

Chloe is tiring of Marcus’ picking on her. Ella tells Chloe to pay attention to Marcus’ actions instead of his words.He decides to ride along with her on part of the case.

Amenadiel acknowledges that everyone needs someone to have their back, and it looks like he’s beginning to wonder if that has more to do with his ‘test’ than walking in Lucifer’s shoes.

“Once a bad guy, always a bad guy.”

While out with Chloe, Marcus gets shot while keeping Chloe from getting shot. Turns out he really does respect her.

Lucifer feels awful that he wasn’t there, so he figures out where the shooter/murderer is. He gets a mite bit snippy with the perp who nearly killed Chloe. Amenadiel stops Luci from killing the guy by reminding him that he isn’t evil–he punishes evil. Is this having Luci’s back? He seems to be Luci’s guardian angel. He tells Luci that he wasn’t trying to punish the perp–he was punishing himself for not being there for Chloe. He thinks maybe his test is just to be there for Luci, to support him. In return, Lucifer lashes out at him. It doesn’t work–Amenadiel is committed.

Marcus and Chloe have definitely come to an understanding… and maybe Ella is right. He might just be sweet on her.


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JL JamiesonLucifer Recap: What Would Lucifer Do?