Lucifer Recap: The Sin Bin

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Lucifer Recap: The Sin Bin


We finally see what becomes of the mysterious Sinnerman. Last we saw, he’d put his own eyes out to avoid Lucifer’s powers.

“Now you’ll never know what I want.”

Lucifer still thinks he can get answers, even though the Sinnerman is in police custody. Maze isn’t horribly impressed with the guy overall.

Pierce states an edict that no one talks to the Sinnerman alone. Yeah, like that’ll work with Lucifer. While Pierce and Lucifer argue, Chloe goes in to interrogate him. She discovers that he set up a time-sensitive automated killing. Someone will drown in a reservoir–which is filling–if they don’t let him lead them to the victim.

“Who’s up for a field trip?”

The team goes over the victim’s 911 call and determine that the Sinnerman has an accomplice. They search for the accomplice at the Roller Derby, because the victim was a derby girl. They end up having to run a suspect down, but she turns out to not be their suspect.

Meanwhile, Trixie is sitting at Dan’s desk coloring, because he couldn’t get a babysitter. Trixie picks up pretty quickly that there’s something between Charlotte and Dan. She quickly decides she likes Charlotte.

Lucifer and Chloe find the victim’s car, which explodes after they accidentally trigger a crude bomb attached to it.

“…we need to bust out The Sinnerman.”

Since they’re having trouble finding the victim, Chloe comes to the conclusion that they need to question the Sinnerman themselves. They make a convoluted plan to bust him out.

It only half works, since Pierce catches them, and then joins them.

Charlotte ends up babysitting Trixie. Trixie drops some kid wisdom on Charlotte, telling her she should be seeing her kids, whether her kids want to see her or not. She also asks if Charlotte is having sex with her dad.

The Sinnerman does lead Chloe, Lucifer and Pierce to the victim, and of course they save her in time.

While they save the victim, Lucifer snatches the Sinnerman for himself.

“I abducted myself.”

Chloe and Pierce talk to the victim, and learn that she is the Sinnerman’s accomplice. It was all a distraction. They start looking for Lucifer.

One way or another, Lucifer is determined to get some answers. Why is Lucifer’s devil face gone? Why are his wings back? The Sinnerman is unmoved. Lucifer doesn’t scare him. So, Luci brings in Maze.

Not even Maze can move him. Lucifer comes to the conclusion that despite his Father’s edicts that angels cannot kill humans, he’s going to have to kill the Sinnerman. He’ll have his wings struck from him as punishment and get his devil face back. Besides, he’s afraid that if he stays under Father’s thumb, he could take away things that matter even more to Lucifer.

“So many delicious ways to kill a human.”

Chloe figures out where Lucifer has the Sinnerman stashed. As the Sinnerman taunts him into killing him (Lucifer can’t bring himself to do it), Lucifer figures out that what the Sinnerman actually wants is to die, and to have Lucifer kill him. Chloe walks in at the last second however, and thinks the Sinnerman is about to stab Lucifer, and shoots him.

Chloe gets pretty pissed over Lucifer going rogue.

Trixie prompts Charlotte and Dan to get dinner together. Charlotte also makes an effort to see her kids.

Pierce yells at Ella.

Lucifer finds an old picture in evidence collected from the Sinnerman. It shows the Sinnerman as a young boy being hugged by an adult…and the brand on the adult’s arm is the same one on Pierce’s arm.

Who is Pierce, really?

Lucifer talks to him privately, and suggests that the Sinnerman was really working for someone else–Pierce. He stabs Pierce to prove that Pierce is an immortal. Pierce is Cain.

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