Midnight, Texas Recap: Angel Heart

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So, do we finally get to see Joe and Chuy’s background *now*?

Apparently, we do.

Here we go…

Midnight Texas Recap: Angel Heart

We start by seeing Joe’s past–apparently, he started out slaying demons with a redheaded chick named Bowie. She talks about it with a demon on the road on the way to Midnight. Then she kills him.

Ok, then.

She must be the one Joe was afraid would be coming after him. She doesn’t exactly seem the type you could reason with.

Manfred is seeing spirits *outside* his house. Creek is falling apart, and wants to go to work. Madonna sets her up with work that keeps her away from people, but she recognizes a hot mess when she sees it.

Fiji is falling apart too. The demon is still talking to her.

Back Again

Chuy ignored Joe’s warning and came back to Midnight. He wants to ask the town for help and come clean. We know in the books that Chuy was also an angel (if I recall correctly), but obviously he’s not, here. What have they chosen to do here?

Manfred is lost with Creek. He’s got no idea how to handle her falling apart. Grandma says just be there, but he doesn’t really know how to do that without hovering.

Bowie’s first stop in Midnight is to see the Rev. She hates all supernaturals, so she messes up him up and leaves him crumpled on the floor. Ouch.

She spots the studio, and Manfred spots her. He warns Joe, and him and Chuy get out in time. They hide in Olivia’s panic room. They also warn Manfred that angels can read minds, so Manny cooks up a plan in case Bowie catches up with him.


Everyone comes to Olivia’s panic room, and they explain what’s going on after Manfred gets there. Apparently, Chuy is a demon. Well, half-demon. Apparently, Chuy controls his demon side. They also explain about Bowie.

Before that, Manfred asks Xylda to possess him so Bowie can’t clearly read his mind. His head is too full. Awkward.

They come up with a plan to defeat Bowie by using the mirror in Fiji’s place that they turned into a portal before to send Bowie to Hell. They don’t want Chuy going demon because if it gets loose he can’t control it.


Fiji and Bobo still haven’t made up yet, and they talk a bit about secrets hurting each other. Then he tells Fiji he loves her. She says ‘ok’.


I don’t know if it’s more awkward that Bobo sprang that on her when she’s still trying to digest the fact that his family are all neo-nazi zealots, or that Fiji simply said ‘ok’.

Well, either way, it’s going somewhere?

Speaking of secrets, Lem doesn’t like them. Olivia admits that one day, she’ll leave Lem when she starts getting older. He wants to turn her, she definitely doesn’t want to be turned. Awkward.

This is a whole episode full of awkward.

Madonna wants Creek to take it easy. Creek is close to snapping. She goes to the church to calm down, and finds The Rev. When she brings him to the restaurant, she runs into Bowie.


Joe thinks Manfred is the one to seal the Hellmouth. If they go with the books, he’s not–but there’s been enough divergence that at this point, so who knows. Manfred isn’t comfortable with the notion.

Bowie takes Creek hostage, and calls Manfred. He cooks up a plan.

Bowie knows things about Madonna? Hmm. More secrets. She also lets on that Creek thinks Manfred should have known about her brother?

Bowie is super bitter. She’s also fallen, and blames it on her anger with Joe. They use it as a distraction to try and use the mirror, but it doesn’t work. Joe and Bowie battle, and Chuy goes demon to save him, killing Bowie. It takes a lot to get him back to human.

Fiji is getting even more rattled. Bobo offers to camp out on the porch so Fiji can sleep if it makes her feel better. Awwwwww.

Chuy needs to leave Midnight. His control is more tenuous than ever.

Creek breaks up with Manfred. Between that and Joe’s revelations, he can’t deal. Manfred runs.

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