Music News: Nature G Discusses Mental Health & Photos From Tour

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Global Music Award-winning nomadic folk metal group TENGGER CAVALRY – created and led by frontman and creator Nature G – are one of the most unique and innovative acts in modern music. To date, the band has earned international praise and attention from the likes of Billboard, CNN, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal and countless others.
As an artist who came to America with the sole purpose of cultivating his art and who ultimately found rapid success in the metal underground, Nature was blindsided by a contractual dispute in 2017, that in his eyes, put all of his hard work to survive as an artist trying to “make it” in a new country in jeopardy. Nature G recently admitted publicly via his social media that in December of that year, he almost took his own life in a suicide attempt – the pressure became too much. After surviving this attempt, Nature immediately realized that he couldn’t give up on his life, or his art, no matter what stood in his way.
Recently, Kerrang! shared a very personal, exclusive interview with Nature G regarding his struggles with mental health and retaining his artistic freedoms. In conjunction with this interview, Nature explains that his consistent artistic approach of melding traditional folk elements of his nomadic culture with modern heavy metal has led him to return to his homeland of China multiple times since 2017 – each time aiding the healing process.
Read the exclusive interview here, and check out a new music video for the track “My Sky”, filmed during one of his recent visits to his homeland, in which Nature learned even more about his nomadic roots and the true origins of some of today’s most popular Mongolian tales: Interview with Nature G
Nature G says, “It has been almost two years since the incident. I witness many people struggling with very similar situations all the time. Hopefully by talking about it, we can bring more light to the issue and people will no longer feel alone when it comes to dealing with it.”
TENGGER CAVALRY will release their new album, Northern Memory, on May 10, 2019. The album can be pre-ordered here.
In December, I was lucky enough to catch Tengger Cavalry, and Nature G live in Denver. Here’s a slideshow of some of the photos I caught.

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Robin LynnMusic News: Nature G Discusses Mental Health & Photos From Tour