New Lease On Life For Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf came out four years ago. If you haven’t checked on your village, you’re probably looking at wasteland of weeds. Your poor assistant Isabelle is probably just sick with worry about the town’s current state and your prolonged absence.


Look at what you’re doing to her. You monster.

Well, hopefully this bit of news will get you back to your mayoral duties – this fall, Animal Crossing: New Leaf will start supporting amiibo.

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, a Wii U board game that came out last year, never really found an audience. Consequently in the following months, the Animal Crossing amiibo that were released for it have found their way to the bargin bins.


Poor Kapp’n. He’s been hitting the bottle hard because of this.

Back in September of last year, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer came out and also failed to make much of splash. While I think the amiibo cards were a nifty idea, the amount that were released in the random packs of six probably didn’t help their sales either.

Well, Nintendo,  not one to be afraid to cash in on the long shelf life of their products, saw an opportunity to get some use (and potentially get some sales) out of the the less popular amiibos by making them compatible with a far more popular version of Animal Crossing. The amiibo cards will cause the specific villager to show up in your town, but there isn’t any information as to what the actual amiibo will do. Use one of the Nooks to get a discount? Not likely, knowing them Nooks. K.K. Slider comes to lay down some sick tracks (or whatever you kids are saying these days)? Use the Resetti amiibo to tone down on his scolding? The possibilities are…well…endless?

God, he needs to mellow out.

God, he needs to mellow out.

What about your other four dozen amiibo from various games that are collecting dust? Well, if you have the Callie and Marie amiibo from Splatoon, you can unlock some brightly colored stuff for your house and outfits. No word on whether or not any other amiibos will bring anything to the table, but hopefully they’ll serve some purpose.


The decor is a bit…bright.

All in all, good move on Nintnedo’s part. Those floundering amiibo and amiibo cards will likely get a much needed shot in the arm. Animal Crossing: New Leaf will likely see an increase in sales. Most importanly though, poor Isabelle won’t be fretting over the state of your village anymore.


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Jason ArriolaNew Lease On Life For Animal Crossing: New Leaf