Playlists: Molly’s Game – The Soundtrack from a Charismatic Movie

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Playlists: Molly’s Game – The Soundtrack from a Charismatic Movie

Here at, we are positively crazy about music. As it is something that puts us in a good mood and emphasizes the moment, most people tend to listen to it on throughout the day. So, it is only fitting that it has become a powerful tool in cinematography. Indeed, no motion picture or TV series can achieve real and widespread success without a top-notch score or at least it won’t be as memorable.

Jessica Chastain at the premiere of Molly’s Game Photo by GabboT / CC BY-SA 2.0

Naturally, it is impossible to keep up-to-date with all the latest movies and shows produced by the big studios and media providers, let alone listen to all the songs and instrumental tracks worth noticing. So, we are here to help with that; at least to some extent, by presenting you the playlists we think should pique your interest. This time, it’s the music from “Molly’s Game.”

The famed Aaron Sorkin film was based on the real life of Molly Bloom, a former Olympic skier who successfully ran secret high-stakes poker cash games for around 10 years before finally being arrested by the FBI. Frequent guests at those mysterious meetings were often celebrities, representative of the high-end business class and Hollywood superstars. Although their identity was mostly hidden behind aliases, some of the more inquisitive journalists and facts hunters were able to make educated guesses about certain names.

“Molly’s Game” is the kind of movie poker enthusiasts were waiting a long time. And while there is no way of knowing if all the expectations and hopes were fulfilled by the creators, I’m sure people were provided with new encouragement to check out this game of poker. Though it’s not like the industry needed any help. However, you don’t have to be a dedicated player to follow the skillfully written storyline, let alone enjoy the film’s score.

The composer behind it all is the highly praised Daniel Pemberton, who previously worked with renowned directors such as Guy Ritchie, Garry Ross and Ridley Scott. The latter’s movie “The Counselor” skyrocketed Pemberton’s career and resulted in two Golden Globe nominations. Therefore, a lot more is expected of him and his compositions. If I should be the one to decide, I would say he did a pretty good job in this particular case.

The movie playlist starts with “Staring Down a Mountain,” which is sort of a heist music that brings all those bank robberies and bold raids down by mischievous teams of so-called fictional characters. Perhaps the best track on the album, however, is “Set It Up.” While having a similar vibe as the opening act, it also possesses a little groove thanks to the funky sound that everyone nostalgic about the 1970s will appreciate. It generally corresponds well with movie settings and complements the atmosphere of tension between the players betting significant amounts of money.

The rest of the 20 songs on the list are also worth a listen. So, be sure to check them all out. In case you are in love with the album, it is, of course, available to purchase online at iTunes and Amazon. Enjoy!

For additional content: (Spotify playlist for the movie soundtrack) as well as this video: (YouTube video of one song).

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Garon CockrellPlaylists: Molly’s Game – The Soundtrack from a Charismatic Movie