Popular Mobile Games Of 2018

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Popular Mobile Games Of 2018



The inception of mobile gaming came as a blessing to the people who used to spend hours sitting on their laptops playing games. Since its introduction, mobile gaming has come a long way and improved day by day. 2018 was action packed with entertaining mobile games. Some of the games enjoyed immense success over others, all thanks to their graphics and unique gameplay.


PUBG for mobile is probably the most amazing battle royale game of 2018. From Internet memes to Youtube funny videos, PUBG mobile was always on the top of the “hot trending chart” in 2018. The most engaging thing about this game was its regular upgrades. The game introduced new maps like Vikendi and Sanhok and joined hands with some classic games like MI and RE 2. PUBG never disappointed the gamers throughout the year.

2) Asphalt 9 – Legends for mobile
Asphalt 9: Legend sported topnotch graphics with outstanding system requirements. It introduced new tracks, cool cars, and real-life visual graphics. The game is very compatible with almost all the devices and it runs so smoothly. The new version of the game was a big hit as it could be easily played with old devices and smartphones of old software like iPhone 6. Asphalt 9: Legends had plenty in its arsenal to please the regular fanbase of the Asphalt series and those who just wanted a top quality car racing game. It did not disappoint any of the users and the rating and reviews help to establish it as one of the best mobile games of 2018. The online casino mobile segments  also created good momentum with games like Fluffy Favourites, Jumanji and Mega Moolah.

3) Fortnite
Throughout the year 2018, Fortnight remained the hottest game in arcade category. Fortnight Battle Royale was easily the best choice of its genre, all thanks to its top quality graphics and never-seen-before features. Just like PUBG, in Fortnite 100 players are dropped at a cool “map site” that constantly shrinks, forcing the players to collect weapons and fight their way to be the last man standing. Fortnite saw some unmatched success when stars of FIFA world cup winning team of France sported the dance moves from the game as their goal celebrations.


4.Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s odyssey is a successor of its previous version named Alto’s adventure that was launched back in 2015. The similarity to the original gameplay was uncanny and it retained the uniqueness of the game. But Alto’s odyssey offered much more than the original version. The game is available for iPhones and iPads. Just like Alto’ adventure, this version too was a scrolling game where Alto, the snowboarder put on a show with his skills. For the gamers who didn’t follow the original version, Alto’s Odyssey was easy to grasp and equally fun to play with of course improved graphics and gameplay.

5.Donut County
Donut County based on a unique concept immediately grabbed the attention of the gamers.  Developed by the renowned gaming company, Nintendo, Donut County did not disappoint with graphics and gameplay. Players would collect and put all the stuff into a hole at the centre of the earth, pretty cool, right? It is a physics puzzle based on an interesting story where you steal the “trash” from the charming characters and dump it in the centre of the earth.


The Science behind the game is that the hole follows two physical universes simultaneously. The player controls the hole and moves it to swallow the trash. As more trash is swallowed, the size of the hole increases. Certain objects require specific control to swallow them and the game progresses at many levels. After finishing a level, the player can check out “the Trashopedia” to have a look at the collected items.

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Garon CockrellPopular Mobile Games Of 2018