Quick Six Interview: Matt Okine

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Matt Orkine
Matt Orkine

this screengrab doesn’t really convey the funny, so maybe go hit Youtube for clips yourself

Legally we are obliged to tell you probably not to accept life advice from Matt Okine, despite his years of hosting the popular Australian comedy show, “How Not to Behave,” which offered just that. With co-host Gretel Killeen, the comedian and former national morning dj showed the public how to handle tricky 21st century situations, like splitting dinner bills, or who deserves a hallway nod at work. Hilarity ensued. Okine is getting ready to launch “The Other Guy,” a semi-autobiographical series (think “Crashing” but with radio instead of standup) with streaming service Stan (think Hulu, but Australian. Sure you can figure out other ways to see it). But before all of that kicks off, he is in London and hitting the stage at the Soho Theatre.

He’s no rookie:  Okine has worked with names like Chappelle and Handler and was given the prestigious Director’s Choice Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for his very personal 2015 show, not so coincidentally also called “The Other Guy”, that became the series that will be streaming soon. Got that? His current offering is “We Made You,” and you can trust our advice to spend an evening with this charming Aussie.

We asked Matt Okine our Quick Six Interview questions:

What has inspired you recently?

My friend KLP inspires me daily. We wrote a song together that has become the soundtrack single for my show and I’m super proud of getting to work with her. She’s super positive, switched on, and works harder than anyone I know.

Morning or night person?

I worked on breakfast radio for 3 years. Given how many tears I shed sitting at the end of my bed as my alarm went off at 430am, I can pretty safely say I’m a night person.

What do you do when you aren’t actively writing for, or rehearsing for a show?

I eat and drink a lot. Too much. I should probably go to a gym soon. Every minute of my life is spent thinking about the next meal. Right now I’m outside my favourite sushi train, waiting for it to open so I can smash some delicious wagyu beef. This is not a drill.

What would you for a living if you weren’t doing comedy?

For some reason I’ve always thought I’d be in real estate. I watch too much Selling Houses Australia at the moment. I regularly watch episodes that I’ve already seen. I think about flipping houses all the time, but in reality I don’t even know how to fix a leaky tap so I don’t think I’ve got a reno (vation) in me.

What’s always funny?

Sex stuff… Man, that cracks me up all the time. Everyone has sex. Everyone thinks about it. Everyone does it differently. Yet it’s something that we spend most of our days publicly pretending that it’s not a thing. I dunno why, but it’s always funny.

What’s next for you?

I wanna act more. And make more music. And I want to make more seasons of  “The Other Guy”. And I want to eat all the dumplings. All of them. I fkn love dumplings.


Matt Orkine at the Soho Theatre: Tues 22 August through Sat 26 August
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Martina O'BoyleQuick Six Interview: Matt Okine