Reverie Recap: Bond. Jane Bond.

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Reverie Recap: Bond. Jane Bond.

Second episode. Let’s see where this goes.

‘I need an adventure’

We start with a woman looking at a picture. Then, she gets the whole Reverie spiel. She’s been horribly depressed. She needs an adventure.

She shows up in Reverie in a hotel. It becomes quickly obvious that this is a spy thriller. She’s after asset ‘Vater’. As he’s taken away, we see that he’s the guy from the picture. Is he a dead loved one?

She speeds  off after him in a sports car.

Mara dreams of seeing her niece again. She gets out of bed, and hears a child laughing–and then the phone rings. She has a case–it’s Rachel, our Jane Bond. Rachel is having heart issues from her Reverie.

Mara now has an office. It’s pretty nice.

She goes in after Rachel, and for the most part, the avatars in the Reverie ignore her. She sees Rachel taken at gunpoint. She introduces herself. Rachel is pretty manic–she’s really digging her spy/puzzle, and she’s really not interested in cooperating with Mara.

‘Heart trouble’

Mara comes out of the Reverie to figure out what exactly Mara is after. She also tells Paul that Rachel’s avatars talked to Mara and interacted with her. Paul tells her that’s a good thing.

Dylan also lets slip to Mara that Alexis and he played spies ‘when they were little’. Hmm. This whole Dylan is modeled on someone real thing is looking more likely.

Mara sees her niece again in the hallway.

Mara talks to one of Rachel’s real world friends, and learns that the source of her depression might be that her aunt died four months ago. Her family is now pretty much all gone.

Paul tells Mara that Reverie 2.0 may come with side effects…derealization. Basically, what Mara’s been experiencing, seeing her niece. Gee, that’s nice. O.o

He gives Mara anti-anxiety meds, says the effect will pass.

‘Checking up’

Paul hooks Reverie-Mara up with a fancy dress and a gun, and she goes back in after Rachel.

She enters on a boat. Mara figures maybe if she helps Rachel progress in the narrative, it’ll be easier to convince her to come out. We find out that Rachel wanted to be tough, un-hurtable–that’s why she chose a spy story. The program put picture-guy in the story as the goal.

Rachel gets mad at Mara’s pushing, and kicks her out.

Charlie introduces the investor–Monica–to Mara. Hmm. She seems a little…involved? Charlie warns Mara to do as Paul says and take the anxiety meds. She goes home to get a little rest.

At home, Mara hears her niece again, so she puts away all the pictures of her.


Mara finds out Vater means Father in German. Picture Guy must be Rachel’s Dad. To find out, Mara takes Rachel’s laptop to Lexie. She convinces Lexie to hack into the laptop, even though Lexie thinks it’s beneath her. She asks Lexie about Dylan, and she immediately shuts the conversation down. Hmm. So there IS something there.

On the laptop, Mara discovers that the picture IS Rachel’s Dad. Rachel never knew him, and was looking for him. Mara asks Rachel to find the guy.

She goes back in, and it looks like Rachel has reached the end of the game.

Charlie uses Dylan to find Rachel’s Dad via a hand that made it into the picture–one that has a class ring in it. The ring leads to Rachel’s father’s friend.

Rachel has to confront the fact that since she didn’t have any information on her father other than the picture, the program can’t really tell her what she wants to know.


Rachel leaves with Mara. Charlie introduces Mara to Rachel’s Dad’s friend from the picture–he tells them that the Dad had a deal with Rachel’s Mom. He would father a child for her, and never contact them. He really wanted to know his daughter, but her Mom didn’t want him there.

Mara introduces him to Rachel, and he says he will put her in contact with her Dad.

Lexie and Dylan play backgammon, and Paul tells Mara that Dylan used to be Lexie’s twin, he died when they were 10 or 11. I knew there was a story there.

Rachel goes to meet her father. She’s afraid he won’t want anything to do with her, but he introduces her to the rest of his family. Now they’re her family too.

Mara sees her niece again.

Yikes. So those ‘side effects’? I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot more… And Dylan being a re-creation of Lexie’s dead brother?! There’s some mystery rolled up in that one, that’s for sure. So, where will we be going next, and will Mara’s  niece be there? That’s certainly the question.


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JL JamiesonReverie Recap: Bond. Jane Bond.