Review: Taking Back Sunday with Coheed & Cambria in Columbus, OH

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Taking Back Sunday

This July, I attended the rock show to end all rock shows. The Story So Far, Taking Back Sunday, and Coheed & Cambria took on Express Live! with an explosive performance.

Taking Back Sunday

I was mostly there for Taking Back Sunday, and considered myself a longtime fan — as it turns out, I’m a newbie by comparison. The venue was packed with fans who have been following Taking Back Sunday and Coheed for ten to fifteen years.

That in mind, I always judge a show in part by the crowd. A true testament to the bands’ talent, the fans brought A-game enthusiasm for a Monday night, rainy day show. Usually, the lawn is where the casual fans sit and relax, but the grass had people going just as hard as they were in the pit. And as for the pit, I couldn’t even keep track of how many crowd surfers I saw go up for both TBS and Coheed. When the rain came, it was not enough to stop anyone.

Express Live! July 2018

The stage presence of Taking Back Sunday is always a treat — Adam Lazzara has become known for his impossible mic tricks during performances. This is the cherry on top of an already impressive and energetic show. And, this isn’t the only treat for the crowd — when I’m thinking of some of the most iconic pop punk lyrics, they’re Taking Back Sunday. “Cute Without The E”, “Timberwolves At New Jersey”, “MakeDamnSure”, “Liar”… imagine how good it feels to hear these live, let alone scream along with other fans.  

As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t know anything about Coheed & Cambria. Being introduced to them while being front row was quite the experience.Express Live! 2018

While they weren’t to my personal taste, I was able to appreciate the raw talent that inspired many of the bands that I hold dear. Their performance had the energy of a rock show but with the cadence of a story being told. I was informed that they do a lot of concept albums, which could be why the show felt this way. It was clear that fans were utterly moved by the performance, and rather than feel tired as we departed the venue, we had been energized.

If any of these bands come to a city near you, and you want to attend a REAL rock show, I definitely recommend it.

Taking Back Sunday

I love this man, just so we’re clear.


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Hannah WilsonReview: Taking Back Sunday with Coheed & Cambria in Columbus, OH