So Bad They’re Good: Three Terrible Video Games That People Loved Anyway

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A video game which is bad never really makes it in the market. The game design can be so bad that a gamer might end up ripping their hair off. Some of the challenges faced with a bad video game include:-

  • Inaccessible controls.
  • Bad tutorial video.
  • Lack of feedback to the player.
  • Horrible graphics.
  • Unrewarding and unclear goals.

Not all games, after all, are as good as the ones you find in DraftKings Sportsbook. Having said that though, it can be surprising that some of these bad games can end up actually impressing the player.   They all hold an element of surprise which will make gamers willing to continue playing them.

The Top Bad Games You Want to Try Your Hands On!

Here is a look at some train wreck games which people ended up loving them.

  1. Night Trap( 1992).

Can you believe it has only been 26 years since the game was released? The game was released for Mega-CD and became one of the most controversial games of the time.

Surely, if Night Trap had not been so controversial, it wouldn’t have been as popular.

The video was reportedly shot for a budget of over $ 1 million, but it looked like a cheap soap an opera because of all the bad acting.

The game invites players into an interactive session where they get command of video cameras hidden in a dorm. The group of people in the game end up falling prey to vampires. The players get to watch the armature actors as they try and combat the vampires before they suck them dry.

The game had such a sexist approach especially to the ladies that a national hate campaign began. Retailers were forced to withdraw from selling the game.

  1. Deadly Premonition (2010)

The errors made in Deadly Premonition are what led to its success. Sure, there were divided critics. However, the quirky storyline won the hearts of so many people. It was based on the cult TV series show Twin Peaks.

The game got mixed reviews for instance when IGN gave it a rating of 2/10 describing it as disappointing. On the other hand, Destructoid awarded the game 10/10 describing it as a beautiful trainwreck.

The control and graphic design of the game are simply bad, but in the end, the game gave players a scary experience.

  1. Superman 64(1999

Superman 64 is so bad that it is actually fun because it is so bad. This was not the first time that a Superman game was bad, but in 2017, Injustice 2 was a hit.

Superman 64, has an array of characters which are so bad that sometimes Superman comes off as lights of blues and reds. Let’s not even talk about the villains. Apparently, they belong to the same realm as Superman but you can never understand what their significance is.

Superman 64 is made up of endless rings across Metropolis.

Which of these video games are you looking to try out?

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Garon CockrellSo Bad They’re Good: Three Terrible Video Games That People Loved Anyway