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If you want to plan a fun night out with your friends but aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Below we suggest some unique and exciting activities that are guaranteed to have your friends begging you to plan all nights out for the foreseeable future.


  1.      Poker night – A poker night at home may not sound particularly interesting, but take it to a professional casino and you seriously level up. Why not book a casino themed party such as Casino Fun Nights, or part of a casino, for the night and set up a game of Texas Holdem so authentic you might just lose the shirt on your back?

    Local casinos are now renting rooms or the entire building to groups looking for a fun night out with friends. You can dress up, have some drinks and bluff the night away with your friends to see who is the most ruthless amongst you. What could possibly go wrong?


  1.     Footgolf – If you like golf and football, footgolf is the game for you. Picture a golf course with impossibly large holes and replace a golf ball with a football and you might start to see what a cracking activity footgolf is. The aim of the game is to kick the football into the holes in as few shots as possible with the winner being the person to get around the course with the lowest number of kicks.

    It’s much more energetic than golf and much more strategic than football but combines the key elements of each game perfectly, making it a truly unique night out.


  1.    Beer Pong – Beer pong is as American drinking game which involves players throwing a ping pong ball across a rectangle shaped table in the hopes of getting it into a cup of beer waiting on the other end. But here’s the kicker – there’s two sets of cups and each team is aiming to get their ball in the opposing team’s cup. If they do, the opposing team have to drink the contents of the cup. The losing team is the side that run out of cups first (and probably the people that are the most drunk!).

    You can buy a cheap beer pong kit to set up at home (preferably outside) however if you’re looking for a big night out, there are now plenty of beer pong bars popping up all over the UK which offer a fantastic night of fun.


  1.      Party Bike – A party bike is a vehicle with a bar in the middle and bicycles attached around the outside. A group of friends will each sit on a bike and pedal which gets the vehicle moving, all whilst a trusty bar man serves you drinks from the centre. You’ll usually be guided around a pre-set route enjoying a fun outdoors activity whilst having lots of drinks.

    It comes with loud, ostentatious music blaring and the satisfaction of driving past miserable commuters both on the road and street all whilst having the time of your life – it’s easy to see why people love the party bike.

5.     Cocktail class – Perfect for gaggles of girls and hen parties, cocktail classes are a great way to spend time with friends whilst learning a new skill and consuming delicious drinks.

After drinking an arrival drink, guests will usually be invited in small groups of 3 / 4 to get behind the bar and learn to make a cocktail. This is where you learn what a jigger is and why it’s very important to put the lid of your cocktail shaker on very tightly.

Some cocktail classes will also involve fun games such as trying to make a cocktail blind folded with only the help of your (inebriated) friends to guide you or learning to do tricks like juggling with glasses. You can often book canapes or a full sit down meal to complete the night and make it one to remember.

If cocktails aren’t your thing, nothing is better than grabbing a box of craft beers and having a night out at the beach with your friends.

With all these ideas there’s no way you should be spending Saturday night at home!

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Garon CockrellSpecial: Fun Nights Out With Your Friends