The Best Tiffany Haddish Movies

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The Best Tiffany Haddish Movies

Tiffany Haddish is one of the best female comedians in the entertainment industry right now and she has a number of awards to show for it as well. Her career really started taking off after she decided to take on the movie industry as well.  She has also had roles in Angry Birds 2 and Spartans, movies which also come with online casino slot games as well, click here for more information. For now, here are what we think are the best movies that the actress/comedian has starred in.

Girls Trip

This is definitely the movie that put Tiffany Haddish on the map. It really showed off her talent and everything started going uphill from there. Haddish gets to play the role of Dina, who is part of a group of friend s that go on a road trip to go and visit their friend Ryan. The women have been friends for decades and may have lost touch. But, the trip will help them unravel a lot of emotions and things that should have been said or done years back.

Nobody’s Fool

Haddish plays the role of Tanya in this Tyler Perry movie. And, she gets to star alongside popular actor Omari Hardwick and actress Tika Sumpter. Tanya is just coming from jail and has a lot of things to figure out. Some of the things include putting order back into her sister’s love life as well. And, it looks like she might be going back to jail after she decides to get back at some of the exes as well. We won’t be surprised to see real money online slots based on her.

Like A Boss

This is one of the latest movie from the actress. Mel and Mia are two friends who started off their friendship back in high school.  They are now older women who are still trying to make a name for their cosmetics brand. But, there are a lot of hurdles that they may have to overcome as well. Here, she also gets to star along Salma Hayek, Rose Byrne and Jennifer Coolidge.


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