Theatre: Charity Performance of The Understudy

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The Understudy

Theatre across the world, from Broadway to small local spaces, is taking a massive hit due to Covid-19. Since the actors can’t get to the stage, and we all need a break from Netflix, a group of talented Brits are bringing their talents to the audiences via radio – with the funds going to a variety of charities that support the creative arts.

Split over two days, 20th May and  27th May, the legend that is Stephen Fry and some actor friends will perform The Understudy, a play by Henry Filloux-Bennett, based on the best-selling 2005 novel by David Nicholls. They will be recording their parts from home and it will be mixed into a proper performance by a world class sound design team.

The Understudy tells the story of an underdog, an actor stuck with the name Stephen McQueen – a failed husband, a failing father, a jealous mess and his impossible choice. Steal the show, and finally get some glory, or steal another man’s wife and maybe be happy?

Commenting on this timely project, Stephen Fry said: “I am just so delighted to be working on Henry Filloux-Bennett’s superb adaptation of David Nicholls’s The Understudy. I do hope lots of you will listen in and combine a good time with support for our wonderful theatre industry.”

How can you take part and send a bit of cash to struggling actors? Just by buying a ticket, and tuning in.

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WriterTheatre: Charity Performance of The Understudy