Video Game News: Nidhogg 2 Coming to PS4

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Nidhogg is the epic award-winning fencing tug-of-war, full of graceful acrobatics and clumsy stabs. IRL yelling and excitement may occur, in this ultimate two-player showdown of fast-paced fencing and melee attacks. Beware, advantages in Nidhogg are often fleeting, as new opponents continually spawn. Use a variety of fencing maneuvers while armed — lunges, parries, and even dirty tricks like throwing your sword. If swordless, press forward with punches, sweep kicks, dive kicks, rolls, and wall jumps. The combat arena stretches in both directions, although besting an opponent only gains you ground. Matches aren’t won or lost with a single kill, but with a series of kills granting you right-of-way to run/fight/flee to your own goal-zone. Each arena holds different strategic formations and chokepoints to use to your advantage. Until you reach your goal-zone, anything is possible. Only one thing is certain in Nidhogg… the only way to win is to outwit your opponent.En Garde!

There’s more to Nidhogg 2 than gory fencing duels. You’ll also get to visit exotic, far-flung locales, like the colon of a mythical nidhogg. We even took some screenshots to share. You know you’re curious. On top of that, Nidhogg 2 is officially coming to PlayStation 4 in all its sword-swinging, axe-throwing, face-stomping glory in 2017.

Want to see what it’s like to go inside a dying nidhogg and come out its butt? Silly question…of course you do! Check out the new screenshots below.

Fill your opponent with arrows, chuck a knife into its groin, smash its face into juicy goop, or even kick it old-school with your trusty sword. Nidhogg 2 is busting open the floodgates with a bunch of new moves and weapons, each with its own playstyle for dispatching foes.

Watch the Nidhogg 2 teaser for a taste of what’s to come:

Here’s a bit of what you can expect in Nidhogg 2:

– Completely overhauled animations with monstrous art from Toby Dixon.

– 10+ levels of fencing goodness, including multiplayer (local/online) and tournament mode.

– Challenge the AI in single-player, including special challenge rounds.

– New soundtrack with music by Mux Mool, Dose One, Daedelus, and more.

















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Robin LynnVideo Game News: Nidhogg 2 Coming to PS4