Wedding Trends In Tinseltown: Hollywood Style

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Wedding Trends In Tinseltown: Hollywood Style


A Different Kind Of Ceremony

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A wedding ceremony in the 21st century looks a little different than one a hundred years ago. Some conventions stay the same, but there are a lot of trendy little changes that become more common as time goes by. A trend-setting region of America is Hollywood, and there are some truly interesting approaches to décor and theme today. We’ll explore a few here.

The Minimalist Approach

A typical wedding in the United States averages around $25k. That means millions on the high end and thousands on the low end. But a minimalist approach can bring style, substance, and beauty at diminished cost while making a real statement. The minimalist approach includes everything, but not overwrought.

You’ll have décor, entertainment, and formal attire; but minimalism will reduce unnecessary complications, focusing on the richness of the event itself rather than trying to synthetically infuse meaning into things.

Phone-less Days

People practically worship their smartphone today. It’s frightening, when you get right down to it. There’s an uncanny nature to our social media and technology addictions. This kind of thing can put the majority of attendees at a wedding into the cyber world, and totally estranged from the event itself. Community is reduced, and people don’t appreciate the full ceremony.

In Hollywood especially, everybody has a smartphone, and they’ve all got to use it every second of the day it seems. For gigs, for networking, for work, the Hollywood socialite must be continually connected. To cut this out, Hollywood weddings today are becoming phone-less. You leave your phone at the door, and enjoy the ceremony. This is considerable.

Total Customization

On the other side of minimalism, you’ve got complete customization. Imagine a candy buffet arranged such that from a distance it forms a composite image of the bride and groom. That sort of “movie magic” brought to the real world is all the rage in Hollywood today.

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Dishes, tables, venues, officiants, wardrobe, theme, music, entertainment, after-parties—all are completely customized. This will take a budget, but it makes for an unforgettable affair.

Cakes That Say Something

A wedding cake is a piece of art all its own. Imagine figs piled high on the top of a cake, or one that’s made of something non-traditional, or put into a non-traditional shape. This is very trendy in Hollywood today.

A Royal Inspiration

With the recent royal wedding in England, Hollywood has gotten into the “theme” of extravagance. You can expect some dresses that look like they belong in a Disney movie, and receptions to match. Instead of a traditional DJ, a full orchestra might be playing tunes all night. Again, this is more costly, but it’s certainly trendy and affecting.

Finding The Right Balance For Your Wedding

Whatever style you decide to make central to your wedding, you’ll need wardrobe to match. At online sites you can find some of the latest Hollywood styles tearing up the Southern California “scene” today, as well as classic formal wear and more. It can help you determine your budget, and find different stylings that match what you like, so feel free to visit this website

A wedding is an important thing, it’s a solemn affair, it’s a joyous affair, there’s a sweet sadness to it as well. Altogether, it’s something to remember, to take pride in, to cherish, to record, and to maximize however possible.

Look at multiple styles, and consider what sort of budget you’re really working with. The sort of life-changing effect marriage has is worth spending a little extra on to fully embrace. If you’re going to go all out, you might as well take things to the next level!


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Pop Culture BeastWedding Trends In Tinseltown: Hollywood Style