What Are The Best Books For NFL Fans?

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What Are The Best Books For NFL Fans?

If you want something to fuel your passion for football, some awesome reads are even great for non-football fans. Books about true or fiction NFL stories are a great way to dive deeper into the sport and possibly learn something new if you want to pursue a career in the big league.

The sportsbook genre has been growing in the past couple of years, and such reads are also popular for people that are not diehard fans of the sport.

In today’s article, we will go through some of the best books that every person interested in the NFL must-read.

That First Season – John Eisenberg

This is a story about the Green Bay Packers who went from being the best team in the league with the most wins to one of the worst NFL teams at that time. It seems like they were running with a course that brought them bad luck which led them to be stuck in this position for more than 10 years.

Almost all players involved with the team lost hope of seeing the team perform well on the field until Vince Lombardi arrived and turned them 180 degrees. We are talking about a famous head coach with an impressive career path behind his name. He was the head coach for New York City and only needed one year to transform the team into something great.

It is an impressive book that will open the curtains of every NFL team and all the things that are going on in the background. After reading this book, you won’t blame players from your favorite team for poor performance since everything is in the organization.

Bringing the Heat – Mark Bowden

This is another book that shows that the NFL is more than just a sport. It is a story about the Philadelphia Eagles back in 1992 that had some amazing stars in the team and a real shot at the Super Bowl, but chaos, greed, racism, and tragic death will bring everyone on their knees.

Bringing the Heat shows how other things from everyday life affect the career path of the players and their performance on the court. In other words, even if you pick the best players in the world, you still need strong mental chemistry going on, as well as, great organization and harmony in the team in order to win the championship.

Dream Season – Bob Cowser Jr.

Most people wouldn’t consider starting their semi-pro football career at 30 years old, but that’s not the case of Bob Cowser Jr. This is a book about the husband, father, and English professor who wants to pursue his childhood dream of playing a football league, even if it wasn’t a professional one.

It is a truly inspirational book that shows how Bob Cowser tries to balance his life and responsibilities as a teammate, and the demands from his job and family.

Friday Nights Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream – Buzz Bissinger

Every great story has a book and a movie but do yourself a favor and choose the book instead of watching the movie. The movie was dramatized into a heartwarming story, which probably wasn’t what Bissinger wanted.

The book is about the importance of high school football and its impact in a town where football is abandoned. On the other hand, Bissigner also wanted to highlight the overwhelming weight that can bring down both communities and beak athletes’ spirits.

It is impossible to know more about the NFL without understanding the aspect of football culture. Bissinger paints a great picture, explaining all the things that might affect players and the true importance of football culture in communities. No wonder why it quickly became a best-selling football novel.

It is definitely a book that every person that is interested in the sport must-read. And if you prefer movies instead of books, you can find the best football movies to watch in 2021 here.

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Garon CockrellWhat Are The Best Books For NFL Fans?