Blindspot Recap: Back to the Grind

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Blindspot Recap: Back to the Grind

We  begin the episode with a very uncharacteristic flashback to how wonderful everything was without Sandstorm looming over everyone. Weller and Jane get married, they have loads of bonding time with Weller’s kid, everything looks rosy.

This is the flashback that tells us how they got to the flash-forward we got in last season’s finale. Apparently, an ex-Sandstorm operative put a hit out on Jane (then died?). Jane freaked out and in typical Jane style, didn’t want to put anyone in danger, so ran off to the ass end of nowhere.

From here to the ass end of nowhere

Typical Weller, he gives all his time and money to find her. Then suddenly, the FBI shows up? They got a mysterious package with Jane’s name on it, and the now spread-to-the-winds team (Reade, who took over Weller’s old job, Zapata, who now works for the CIA, and Patterson, who now works for some app company) has been kidnapped. Along with the box addressed to Jane is a set of coordinates where she can be found.

This is where we get to the scene at the end of the finale, 18 months later. The box opens, and we see that Jane has been covered in a whole new set of bio-luminescent tattoos. She had been knocked out in an accident some time back, and she figures while she was out, someone must have done it (come on, writers. That’s a bit of a stretch.).

Global hopscotch

The first one leads them to where they had their honeymoon, and to the person who is responsible.

Surprise! It’s Roman.

He’s also the one who took the rest of the team, and he’s sold them to Venezuela.

Also, Rich Dotcom apparently works for the FBI. Seriously?

Roman leaves them a chemical that will put Jane out enough to look dead for the fixer who is in charge of Jane’s bounty, and tips off that he intends to make them jump through hoops to his benefit because Jane ‘owes’ him for her betrayal.


Of course, Jane and Weller take the opportunity to get the hitmen off her back, and after a big chase, they lose Roman.

The team wakes in captivity, and their captors want them to open a safe, and when they do they find it has US Government tech property inside. A heavily encrypted desktop tower. Instead, Patterson figures out how to use the heating element from the MREs they were left to create an improvised flash bang that not only blows up the computer, but provides a distraction.

The distraction is just in time for Jane and Weller to show up, because Rich and the much abused Stuart (remember him from the episode where Patterson bit his head off over doing backups at the wrong time?) figured out where they were in time to divert the plane.

Result? The band is back together. Everyone wants to grab Roman, so the CIA and FBI make a joint task force (thanks to the persuasive Reade).

Also–Zapata looks to be afraid the team will find out something–her old betrayal to the CIA? And Patterson has a secret thing with Rich?! Say it aint so. Jane also puts a secret getaway stash in a loose vent? And Weller is strong armed by Roman to help him by threatening to tell her what happened in Berlin?

What did happen in Berlin?

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JL JamiesonBlindspot Recap: Back to the Grind