Blindspot Recap: Lepers Repel

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Blindspot Recap: Lepers Repel

Right away, we’re back with Weller and the other COGS in that mysterious bunker. Of course Weller puts it all together pretty quickly (as do the rest of the team when they can’t find him). If the COGS are being assembled, the only reason they’d be put into play is if the entire line of government succession were wiped out. Does that mean most of the people there are with Sandstorm, or are most of them dupes like Weller?

Who knows, because Weller and that CIA guy who oversaw Jane’s torture escape the bunker. At least someone in the bunker knew what was up though, because they aren’t able to leave without shooting some guy that tries to stop them.

When the team (plus CIA dick) assembles, they quickly remember that all of the politicians in the line of succession are being assembled later that day at the White House, and with the knowledge that Shepard stole a crapload of explosives and nuclear material (and what’s with the lone dude who couldn’t pronounce nuclear right?), they kinda figure out that not only does Shepard intend to bomb the White House somehow, she’s planning to take the entire Eastern seaboard with it.

Behold the field where I sow my…

Meanwhile, Zapata wakes up (yes, she’s ok) and despite Reade telling her not to watch TV….she watches TV. She realizes shit is going down without her, and she unhooks herself and gets her butt into the office. Quickly, as she starts to work with CIA jerkface, you realize she is fresh outta fucks. He tries to look smart and clever, and she’s quick to say ‘YES, I KNOW WHAT THAT IS’ in that voice that says I’m not stupid and you’re not cute. Heh.

Patterson is bordering on No Fucks Given herself as she barks out orders along the way. There’s a new Director (played by Mary Stuart Masterson), and she immediately acknowledges how formidable Patterson is. She also lets Jane know that she’s earned her freedom if she wants it–she can go anywhere she wants after this is over.

Free pass

Of course, since everyone keeps talking about leaving (Patterson included), emotional stakes are higher. Patterson pretty much pushes Weller to say something to Jane.

The team figures out how all the pieces from the last few months fit together–the explosives, satellite, nuclear material, and that elusive guidance chip. There’s a weaponized satellite, and Shepard has taken control of it. She’s hiding that nuclear material somewhere, and she’s going to use a ‘glider’ off the satellite to hit a target (they’re presuming the White House) and spread the fallout as far as she can.

Part of this they get from the man Shepard got the explosive material from. The rest they piece together, and Tasha ‘No Fucks Given’ Zapata and CIA Torturer Jerkface figure out that Shepard has the bomb mobile–she’s in a lead lined ambulance driving toward the White House.

Where is the bomb already?!

Of course, Weller and Jane catch up to her, and they stop the ambulance (which is huge). They manage to subdue Shepard (that seemed a little too easy), but as they’re driving toward a tunnel to minimize fallout in case the glider hits them (and oh, BTW says Patterson, if that happens you both die) they’re hit by another vehicle and everything comes to a crashing halt.

As all of this is happening, Patterson is trying to hack the satellite with the help of NASA (!!!) scientists and astronauts who have to launch the Soyeuz capsule to get close enough for a signal. She needs to hack the satellite in order to give it a fake beacon to aim at. Because oh yeah–the beacon is some tiny little thing that’s hidden somewhere in the ambulance to make sure the glider hits it’s target.

Weller realizes Shepard has swallowed it after she talks about her ‘sacrifice’ one too many times, but once the truck gets jostled around real good, all bets are off.

Otherwise, they could have just chucked her out the back and kept driving, getting the nuclear material far enough away that Shepard wouldn’t have mattered when she blew up.

Instead, Jane has to contend with the person who hit them. Roman.

Just one good jolt…

Weller got a piece of steel in his leg during the accident, but he doesn’t let that stop him. There’s a big firefight, and when things get a little more quiet, Weller gets an idea to interrupt the signal from the beacon and give Patterson a better chance to fool the glider. He takes cardiac paddles to Shepard, and after a few good zaps that beacon is dead.

Jane just can’t shoot her brother, and Weller is too late to hit him–he gets away. (Really? That’s a bit convenient.)

Weller is a bit hazy from blood loss at this point, and as he passes out, he asks Jane to stay, and declares his love for her. (WTG, but it read like Sullivan Stapleton was trying hard to keep a straight face.)

Shepard is taken to a shady facility, where we see CIA dude and surprise–Nas. They’re getting their crack at interrogation.

The team meets back at HQ, and of course Weller is ok. It’s looking like everyone is deciding to stay, and they all go for drinks at Weller’s place…where everyone quickly sees what’s going on and gives Weller and Jane some privacy to get it on…which they do.

‘And the void would be calling…’

After, we get a time jump. TWO YEARS.

This part gets a little weird and awkward, but now that we know we’re getting a Season 3, it’s ok.

We see Jane climbing the side of a mountain and talking with a monk dressed in orange (and she’s wearing a wedding ring?!). The gist of it is that she’s run away from Weller because Something Happened and she thinks no one wants her there, but Weller shows up to tell her that the team is missing (presumed kidnapped), and someone has dropped off a puzzle box.

We’re presuming it’s from Roman, or whomever he’s working with now.

It only opens with both Weller and Jane’s hands on it, and some weird little piece of metal shows an image from her bird neck tattoo. When held to the tattoo, it’s as though she lights up.

Yep, more puzzles.

So, how far away is Season 3?

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