Book: Winter Halo (Keri Arthur)

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winter-haloWinter Halo

Keri Arthur


December 6th, 2016

Tiger is a dechet; a genetically enhanced shifter designed to infiltrate shapeshifter culture on behalf of the humans who created her. The war between humans and shifters ended a century ago, and Tiger has been trying to avoid humans and shifters alike, living with the ghosts of her people in an underground bunker.

She’s forced to deal with people when she gets tangled up in stopping a plot to grant vampires and wraiths the ability to walk in sunlight. A group of rift-mutated people steal children whose DNA has been altered by the rifts–rips in reality created during the war–and use those children for their experiments. Tiger is working with the group of outlaws (shifters, humans and seers) to save the children.

In the last book, City of Light, Tiger stumbled onto the plot to grant vampires and wraiths sunlight tolerance and eliminated an old acquaintance who was involved in it. Now, with the help of her new ‘allies’, she needs to infiltrate the security company Winter Halo to find out exactly what’s going on.

Winter Halo is the next in the Outcast series. It’s a rich world with interesting characters and plot, and it leaves behind the excessive exposition issues the previous book had, as now the reader is expected to be up to speed on the details of the world Tiger inhabits. It’s shaping up to be a fun series, and I’m in to see what happens next.

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