Documentary: Down Again Releases Today

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World Mental Health Day sees the release of Down Again, Mark Hunter’s battle with bipolar disorder

Down Again doc review
Today is World Mental Health Day, and also marks the release of a brand new short film/documentary detailing CHIMAIRA vocalist Mark Hunter’s battle with bipolar disorder, entitled Down Again. The documentary is available to view for free via
In conjunction with the documentary’s release and World Mental Health Day, Mark Hunter took part in a very personal, in-depth conversation with Psychology Today about growing up and living with bipolar disorder. Read the entire interview here:
Mark Hunter explains to Psychology Today that it’s helpful to focus away from his own issues and serve others, as he is with the release of Down Again and creating art through music and photography. “I enjoy serving humanity. Whether that’s writing music people relate to, taking photographs that mean something to the people I take them for, and sometimes being anonymous and just being nice… I’m amazed at how much better I feel doing meaningful things for people.”
Nick Cavalier’s documentary Down Again
Down Again was directed by Nick Cavalier – also recognized for directing Derek Hess’ award-winning Forced Perspective documentary. Hunter and Cavalier met on a panel speaking about Mental Health and Creativity, monitored by Dr. Patrick Runnels (featured in the documentary) during Acting Out!  – a festival put on in 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio, to raise mental health awareness. After hearing his story at the panel, Nick approached Mark to create a short film around his ability to cope with mental illness while being an artist in the public spotlight.
Down Again juxtaposes CHIMAIRA‘s history with Mark’s life events and the lyrics that he created, presenting an intimate timeline through the rise and fall of the band and Mark’s ability to channel it all. The film also explores the catharsis created by the act of making music and art (touching upon Mark’s love for photography as well) and how the end result affects the fans.
Live music from Chimaira and insight from Hunter and friends
In addition to interviews with Mark Hunter and those in his life about his mental health, upbringing, and the formation/rise of CHIMAIRA, the documentary also includes high-quality video footage of the band’s 15th Christmas show at the Agora in Cleveland (2017), featuring CHIMAIRA‘s original line-up – marking their first performance together after nearly seven years of separation.
Down Again features cinematography by Tyler Clark and a live audio mix on the performance scenes by CHIMAIRA guitarist Rob Arnold.
Down Again was made possible by a generous donation from The Centers for Family and Children, and marketing support via Hope For The Day.
To learn more, visit the film’s IMDB page here, or
About Director Nick Cavalier:
Nick Cavalier is a director of films, commercials, branded content and music videos. A visual and character-focused storyteller, Nick is known for his high production value docu-driven films with poetic hero-centered themes. Nick has been honored with awards and selections at festivals such as SXSW, Palm Springs, and Cleveland International. His work is featured in multiple national publications including New York Times, VICE, Shorts TV, Devour, HYPEBEAST, Alternative Press, Funny Or Die, G4, MTV, Fast Company, Juxtapoz Magazine and many more. In addition to the praise received for Forced Perspective, Nick is lauded for his short film about vinyl record resurgence, Gotta Groove Records.
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Robin LynnDocumentary: Down Again Releases Today