Garon Cockrell Visits the Vinyl Emergency Podcast

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Pop Culture Beast’s Garon Cockrell on Vinyl Emergency Podcast


You’ve got to have a listen to Jim Hanke’s excellent podcast, and we don’t just say that as he graciously welcomed PCB founder Garon Cockrell to his show. Okay, okay, while that IS true, we’re going full disclosure admitting here at the PCB Offices that the Garon episode was our intro to the podcast as well –  our gateway drug, if you will, and now we’re going to go full Drugstore Cowboy on “Vinyl Emergency”.

Garon joins (much loftier) names like Ted Leo, Rosanne Cash, Creed Bratton and Benmont Tench of the Heartbreakers to dig into their love of music with knowledgable host Jim Hanke. As a journalist freelancing with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, among other written outlets (he also works with powerhouse WGN in Chicago), Hanke isn’t an amateur – he knows how to interview and comfortably covers all bases, giving “Vinyl Emergency” listeners such a friendly and thorough introduction that, by the time the talk turns to which artists on which his guest has spent their allowance – Garon does address the reality that this can be an expensive pasttime – you feel like you’re eavesdropping on friends with possibly better musical taste than you. We will let you decide if the contents of Garon’s old milk-crates full of long-plays, sorry, freshly E-bayed but loved purchases of vinyl, puts him into that category.

Jim Hanke on Twitter ; @jimhanke

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Martina O'BoyleGaron Cockrell Visits the Vinyl Emergency Podcast