Concert Review: Lady Gaga – The Joanne World Tour at The Forum in Hollywood December 18!

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This week Lady Gaga took the stage at the historic Forum in Los Angeles to close out the North American leg of her Joanne World Tour, which happened to fall on the anniversary of her aunt’s passing. Her aunt, Joanne, is the namesake for Gaga’s latest album and the spectacle that is this tour.

I’ve been a casual fan of Gaga for a while but hadn’t had the chance to see her live until now. I was never over the moon for her and probably wouldn’t call myself a “Little Monster” but when I left this show that had all changed. She was spectacular.

This show is every bit the spectacle you’d expect from an artist like Lady Gaga. Great set design and lighting, lots of costume changes, great songs with excellent choreography, but at the center of all that is a true artist dedicated to her craft and to leaving everything on the stage.

While there may have been a few too many music breaks and intermissions for Gaga to change costumes, when she was on stage you just could not take your eyes off of her. She was mesmerizing. The set was packed with great songs-  both singles you want to hear and deeper cuts, including a touching acoustic rendition of the tribute song to her aunt, “Joanne,” featuring Mark Ronson.

Of course, Gaga shows tons of love to her fans and talks about being different and the importance of equality and acceptance, even of those who feel differently,  all in all adding up to a super fun and extremely positive show one won’t soon forget.

Gaga is one of those artists you can’t truly appreciate until you experience her talents live. She has a dynamite voice and really gives everything she has and the Joanne World Tour is a fantastic showcase. Unfortunately, it’s wrapped up its North American dates…but…Gaga did just confirm a 2-year residency in Las Vegas with an all new show so you won’t have to wait long to get your chance at a truly epic night of music.

Read on below for the set list from this amazing concert.

Lady Gaga Forum Set List:

Diamond Heart
Poker Face
Perfect Illusion (Shortened)
John Wayne
Alejandro (Shortened)
Just Dance
LoveGame (Shortened)
Telephone (Short)
Applause (Contains elements of DJ White Shadow Remix)
Come to Mama
Grigio Girls (A Capella)
The Edge of Glory (Piano Acoustic )
Born This Way
Bloody Mary (Shortened)
Dancin’ In Circles
Ambulance (Contains Elements of Paparazzi)
Angel Down (Shortened)
Bad Romance
The Cure

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Garon CockrellConcert Review: Lady Gaga – The Joanne World Tour at The Forum in Hollywood December 18!