Lucifer Recap: God Johnson

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Lucifer Recap: God Johnson

Maze is starting to wear on Chloe’s nerves. She doesn’t have Lucifer to occupy her days, so she tries to make it up by sticking to Chloe’s side, and it’s driving Chloe nuts. Chloe tries to get Lucifer to distract her for awhile, but he doesn’t seem interested.

He also isn’t interested in telling Maze about his plan to get the heavenly family back together and in heaven (and then leaving them there).

Lucifer, Chloe and company get a new case, and this one is inside a mental hospital. An orderly was murdered. The main suspect is a man who was committed after giving all his money away and changing his name to God.

When they can’t get an appointment to talk to him, Lucifer gets himself committed in order to interview the suspect, and he witnesses the man heal another patient who was a victim of the real killer. He also finds out that the man recognizes him.

It seems this man is a body that Father has taken over. He not only seems incredibly chill about the whole feud they’d had, he says he misses Mother terribly.

Lucifer decides it’s far better punishment for Mother and Father to get back together and eventually fall out again, as that would be more painful. He breaks the man out of the hospital (by way of a patient riot) in order to set up the perfect date. Mother is at first perplexed that Father misses her, but quickly looks like maybe she’s willing to patch things up.

In the meantime, Chloe goes on a date of her own with one of the doctors from the mental hospital in order to find out more about another suspect. Maze thinks she’s helping Chloe get laid, but the doctor figures out the agenda pretty quick.

When it’s discovered what Lucifer did, they come for God Johnson. Unfortunately, after the hospital gets him back, things quickly unravel.

The real killer then tries to kill God and Lucifer–and its one of the nurses. Chloe finds out in time, and of course saves the day.

They confiscate a belt buckle God has, and it becomes obvious that the buckle was a divine object that only pressed the semblance and limited memories of Father onto the man–as it turns out, the buckle is the missing cross guard of the sword of fire.

They try to activate the sword again, but it’s not working. It might not be the only missing piece.

Mother ends up lonely, and goes over to Dan’s. As Lucifer says goodbye to the man who was God, he admits he’s even angrier than before at Father, because he realizes the nice things the man said were things Father would never say.

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JL JamiesonLucifer Recap: God Johnson