Lucifer Recap: The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy

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Lucifer Reap: The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy

So–we last left off with Mother’s client’s son stabbing her in the gut, and light spilling out.

We return to find out it crisped the dude’s head.

Divinity leaking out?

She sets up someone to come and clean up the crime scene, and leaves.

Playing favorites

Lucifer and Amenadiel are still wondering over the fact that Amenadiel is the favored son and that the final piece of the sword was hanging around his neck the whole time. He decides he needs time to think about it before letting Lucifer put the sword together.

Mother goes to Dr. Linda to get patched up, and while Dr. Linda almost lets slip Lucifer’s plan to ditch Mother in Heaven, she recovers by patching Mother up with duct tape.

It really can fix everything.

The body Mother left shows up, and of course the detective is on the case.

This could get explosive

Lucifer finds out about Mother’s predicament, and comes to the conclusion that Mother’s powers are returning. The only problem is–if she doesn’t get back to Heaven, her human body will be unable to contain her. Boom. Now they have a deadline.

As the case goes on, Chloe talks to the victim’s brother, as well as the crime scene cleaning company Mother used. She also twigs to something being off with Lucifer. Amenadiel tries to work his shit out with improv (remember Dan?). Lucifer sets Maze to collect him so they can put the sword together.

Amenadiel decides that he doesn’t want in on crashing Heaven’s gates anymore now that he knows Father actually trusted him. He’s stowed the necklace somewhere. Lucifer lets him in on what’s been going on with Mother, and that they need to figure it out. (Later, we find out he’s stowed it in Dan’s pocket.)


Mother goes back to Dr. Linda, and decides to do whatever she must to find out what Lucifer was keeping from her.

One of the cleaners ends up dead much like the first crispy body.  And Chloe figures out that Mother is involved.

Speaking of Mother…she shows up at Lux, and she knows what Lucifer has been planning. She doesn’t come out and say it, though. She lets the boys try to talk her into ruling Hell instead of going home…and then she lets it slip how she found out their plan. Amenadiel and Maze go to check on Dr. Linda.

Chloe and Dan find Mother at the pier, and it looks like she wants to burn it all down if the boys don’t give her the sword.

Divinity regained

Maze finds Dr. Linda dying in her office. Mother really did a number on her. She begs Amenadiel for help.

Lucifer finds the necklace in Dan’s pocket, and as he’s about to bring it and the sword to Mother, the original victim’s brother shows up with a gun, set on shooting Mother (which would cause a pretty big boom).

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Amenadiel knows everyone needs more time. In a leap of faith, he reaches out for his time slowing powers (remember, the ones he lost when he fell?)–and time slows. It gives Maze enough time to get Dr. Linda to the hospital.

Lucifer knows what’s happened immediately. He grabs Mother, jumps off the side of the pier, and puts the sword together. At first, he leaves us wondering what exactly he’s going to do with it–then, he rends a hole in reality and tells Mother that she can go create her own world in the void–one without Father. She sees little alternative, and takes him up on it. He takes the sword apart, and tosses it in the hole behind her as it closes. Time resumes, and we hear a gunshot.

Chloe has shot the dude with a gun. She goes down to the beach where Lucifer and Mother’s now-empty body are. Or is it empty?

It seems Charlotte Richards’ soul has returned to the body (if you’ll recall, when Mother took possession of the body, Charlotte Richards had just been murdered). Of course, Charlotte has no idea who anyone is or what she’s doing there.

Maze got Dr. Linda to the hospital in time.

Going forward

Chloe really wants to know what Lucifer has been keeping from her. Later, he decides that yes, he needs to trust Chloe with his real identity. He calls her, leaving a message that he’s coming over to tell her. As he hangs up, he’s hit in the back of the head and knocked out.

He comes to in the middle of the desert. He’s scratched up, looking dehydrated and chapped all over, and as he stands he stretches his…wings?

Season 3 is going to have one Hell of a premiere.

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