Lucifer Recap: Sympathy for the Goddess

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Lucifer Recap: Sympathy for the Goddess

Mother thinks she’s found another piece of the sword, and the contact smuggling it for her is an associate of one of her clients. However, he ends up dead after she gives him money, and the piece is nowhere to be found.

Of course, she figures she’ll get her good friend the detective on it for her. The detective can find the killer–and of course, the piece must be with whomever killed the man.


Maze finds out that Dr. Linda is being investigated for breaking Lucifer out of the mental hospital, and it really pisses her off. she wants Lucifer to fix it. Naturally, though, when her and Lucifer go to speak with the investigator Luci manages to make things worse by letting slip that he was sleeping with Dr. Linda for awhile.

This, of course, is after finding out that Lucifer plans to go back to Heaven and leave her behind. She basically beats the hell out of him before he admits that he wanted her angry reaction so that Amenadiel and Mother would believe he actually intended to stay there with them. Which, of course, is worse. So Maze is already displeased when Lucifer makes Dr. Linda’s situation so much worse. Later, since she couldn’t fix it the right way, it looks like she’s going to fix it her way.

Undercover Mother?

Chloe finds Mother’s client’s phone at the scene, so they figure he’s probably the killer. Mother has an invitation to a party at her client’s home, so her and Chloe go to the party, with Chloe undercover. They get the information they need, and Mother later gets an offer from her client–she can have what the dead man was getting for her if she can get the son’s phone back. They use it as bait to get both the killer and the client, and Mother gets the piece she was looking for.

Except this doesn’t turn out to be an actual piece of the sword–its a metal book that gives the location of the piece. The book says that Father left the third piece of the sword with his favorite–and while an angry Amenadiel assumes that’s Lucifer, they find that the third piece has been hanging around Amenadiel’s neck all along.

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JL JamiesonLucifer Recap: Sympathy for the Goddess