Midnight, Texas Recap: Head Games S02E01

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Midnight, Texas Recap: Head Games

Back to the story, Midnighters! I wonder, did Manfred make it through kicking Colconnar out of town with all his wits and his soul intact? Let’s see what this episode  has to offer…

‘Dodging the apocalypse will make you do that.’

We begin the episode with Manfred bare chested and dragging a shovel through main street Midnight. Then, he creepily stands watching Creek sleep–until he wakes from the nightmare. Hmm. Maybe he’s still suffering after the demon party he had in his body?

Creek explains that she wants to move to the big city–she’s applied for a writing program, and she thinks it’d be better for everyone to have a new start. Manfred is less than enthused, but says he will go anywhere she does.

Then the mysterious bleeding starts. Manfred is randomly bleeding from his nose, except rather than blood, it looks suspiciously like the black demon goo.

That’s ominous.

Fiji and Bobo are definitely getting it on in every way they can, including floating on the ceiling?

Olivia and Lemuel are enjoying their wedded domestic bliss. She’s still killing people, and Lem is still…a vampire. They are somewhat connected mentally now, so Lem knows what Olivia thinks and wants before she says it. Hmm.

Our angel/demon pair are still happy  together as well. Looks like most people’s relationships survived the big near-apocalypse.

Aside from the black goo, Manfred is beginning to hear demon voices, telling him to do things. Yeah, that’s not scary at all. He’s also seeing flashbacks of him digging?

‘Crystal Desert?! That is MY territory.’

Olivia has discovered that the new owners of the hotel look like yoga cult-y crackpots. Our Midnighters decide to go check out the grand opening of the hotel. In the meantime, Manfred decides to drive outside of town and tape his phone to his chest before taking a nap. Well, that’s one way to figure out where you’re sleepwalking to.

Turns out, Manfred has been digging graves, and by my count, looks like there’s one for each of our Midnighters…yikes.

Grandma shows up to dispense advice, shocking us all. I thought she’d moved on? Turns out, she can go back and forth now at will, and she looks a bit less mangled. She tells Manny he should tell everyone…but he doesn’t want to. She thinks he may have a straggler, but when he tries dipping a finger in holy water to find out, nothing happens. So what’s up?

The Midnighters go to check out the new hotel yoga cult people, and the Rev thinks the mojo is actually nice. They meet Patience and her husband/guru Kai. They used to travel from town to town, healing people. After Manfred has some disturbing visions of himself drowning the Rev in the serenity pool, he decides it’s time to leave. The rest meet Kai, who seems like a charlatan until he heals a man who can’t walk. He breathes (in? out?) over the man, and he walks. The Midnighters still aren’t convinced, but the rest of the folk there seem to buy it.

‘I don’t trust you around that girl.’

Manfred and Grandma figure out that his affliction does have something to do with the demons, and that for now, he needed to keep away from Creek. He gets drunk and walks down the road naked to get himself arrested, so that way he can’t do any overnight gravedigging.

Apparently, Bobo inherited that biker bar from his grody relations? Also, Fiji gives him a key to her place.

Manfred wakes at home in the morning instead of jail. How the hell did that happen? His hand is also bleeding?

Olivia goes snooping at the Crystal Desert, and witnesses Kai chatting with a painting. Maybe he has more in common with the Midnighters than we thought?

Manfred finds out from another dead relation that he basically has a demonic illness from what he did, and it’ll drive him crazy. The uncle advises killing himself before he kills someone else. Manfred also finds out that the cut on his hand came from breaking into the pawn shop and stealing a trunk full of weapons. Also, that’s not really Grandma–it’s a manifestation of his illness.

‘Always were a smart boy, Manny.’

Joe fights with a demon and his pals outside the bar, and a demon hunter shows up to fight beside him. His name is Walker, and he says he’s human. They make short work of the demons, and a start at a friendship.

Creek quickly figures out things have gone south for Manny, and could be headed even further. He knocks Creek out and stuffs her in the back of the car, and he recruits Olivia with a ruse that he needs to find her. He takes Olivia to the graves, and manages somehow to knock her out and drop her in one. (Wonder how quickly Lem will know?) Creek wakes up and gets the drop on Manny, but Manny pins her down…and we find out just how quickly  Lem can get there. He incapacitates Manny, and they take him to Fiji for solutions. Fiji hits a brick wall, and the Rev fetches Kai.

Kai overcomes the Midnighter’s skepticism when he touches Manfred, and Manfred explosively vomits black demon sludge everywhere. It looks like he also takes in something for the effort?

Now everyone believes Kai. Why do I feel like they’re all going to regret that later?

Creek has had enough of all the supernatural shit. She’s leaving for Austin NOW, and she doesn’t want Manfred to follow her. Ouch.

At least Fiji and Bobo are doing ok? He moves in with Fiji. However, I’m getting a bad feeling here as we see all her plants dying in the background.

Then we see Kai tell some zombie looking severed head that he’ll avenge them.

See? I figured Kai isn’t on the up and up.




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