Midnight, Texas Recap: Lemuel, Unchained

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Midnight, Texas Recap: Lemuel, Unchained

Manfred and Creek are sleeping together. Looks like Creek wants to be casual, and says it’s important her Dad doesn’t find out about them.

As Creek starts walking home, a busload of vamps lets out and they harass Creek until Lemuel comes running. Apparently, they’re old friends. The head vamp in the group, Zachariah, wants to make amends for an old beef with Lem. It’s obvious Olivia doesn’t trust any of them.

Old Friends

We learn that Lem met Zachariah when he was a slave. He escapes from a plantation and runs into Zachariah, who offers to make him into something that could never be chained again. Zachariah is his sire.

Manfred, Bobo, Fiji, Creek and The Rev gather in the church to form a plan in case the visit goes sideways. The Rev also mentions that vampires usually stay away from Midnight because Lemuel is an energy vampire–and could kill them.

Rolling lunch

Manfred has Olivia play lookout while he sneaks onto their bus to look for spirits. He figures spirits might tell them what they’re really there for…but instead, they find a living woman. She’s hooked up to bags and being bled to pay her way.

When Olivia and Manfred tell Lem, his reaction is less than what they’d hoped. He explains she’s a groupie, and that it’s common.

We then see one of Lem’s memories–after Zachariah turned him, they went back to the slave owner’s house and slaughtered everyone in the house.


Talking to Xylda, Manfred gets warned that the vamp nest is dangerous.

Bobo brings an improvised crossbow that shoots stakes to Fiji’s place. Creek enlists her brother’s help in making more stakes. Trouble is definitely coming, but this town will be ready.

Joe confides in The Rev and tells him what he is. Being Fallen, he’s protective of Midnight, as it’s his home now. He also lets on about the hellmouth beneath the town.


Manfred goes to the hardware store to get some supplies of his own, and he stumbles on both the dead store owner, and the vamp who made him that way. Manfred can hold his own. He runs to the church and they call everyone to come to the church.

Bobo brainstorms with Fiji to come up with portable sunlight.

Zachariah asks Lem if his nest can stay.

Manfred learns from Xylda that she was the one responsible for making Lem an energy vampire. She was originally supposed to be a victim, but she promised Lem she could help him.


It becomes increasingly obvious that Zachariah is jealous and afraid of Lem. He gives Lem a shot of blood…but it’s tainted. With silver.

Olivia takes down a few before heading toward the church.

Manfred goes to Creek’s to get her family, but ends up having to knock her Dad out to get him into the RV. They try to get to the church, and finally, it seems her Dad starts to get what’s going on. They don’t make it to the church, but since Fiji made Manfred’s place safe from the dead, they’re ok.

Here comes the sun

Olivia makes it to Fiji’s instead, and Fiji and Bobo show her the sunlight torch they made. Olivia knows they need to get it somewhere higher to reach more of them.

She finds a bigger light source, but gets hurt when another vamp attacks. Manfred gets an idea. He claims he can give Zachariah the power Lem has, because he’s Xylda’s grandson. It lures them all outside in time for Joe to fly up to the bell tower and bring the sun.

The blood donor from the bus tries to hitch a ride outside of town, and gets eaten for her trouble.

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