New Music Friday: Camila Cabello, Khalid, and The Linda Lindas!

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new music friday The Linda Lindas

You can’t keep me away for long! Welcome back to New Music Friday!

What is New Music Friday? It’s mostly a Twitch stream at on Fridays (usually at noon PT / 3pm ET, or thereabouts). During the stream, I use my expertise as an opinionated 40-year-old dude to listen to the new music that came out today and give my unfiltered thoughts.

I bestow one of four possible verdicts on each new song after one listen: SKIP!!, Add to Playlist, Play the Whole Album, BUY THE VINYL!! SKIP!! is the worst designation and BUY THE VINYL!! is the absolute best.

Here are the highlights from the July 23, 2021 New Music Friday stream:

And here is a recap of the songs I talked about.

Song 1: “Don’t Go Yet” by Camila Cabello
Final thoughts: Camila Cabello wants to keep the party going all night long. Is it a dance party or a pants party? Probably a little of both. This song will help you keep rhythm in either situation. Play the whole album

Song 2: “Games” by Molly Burch
Final thoughts: Indie pop with a heavy ’80s influence. The tricky drum rhythms add complexity and energy to a potentially spacey love song. Play the whole album

Song 3: “Over the Top” by Smiley feat. Drake
Final thoughts: This track didn’t make a huge impression on me. I didn’t have a negative reaction. Just blah. Add to playlist

Song 4: “Tengo Fe” by Feid
Final thoughts: A slinky vibe for some high class dirty sex. I don’t speak Spanish, but I know what they’re talking about. (Wink wink.) Play the whole album

Song 5: “New Normal” by Khalid
Final thoughts: A beautiful vocal is placed into a swirling musical arrangement that sounds like it’s enveloping and hugging me. Thanks. Play the whole album

Song 6: “Oh!” by The Linda Lindas
Final thoughts: This teen band made a splash when they rocked the L.A. Library with “Racist, Sexist Boy.”  They still rock, and they seem to be having the most fun. BUY THE VINYL!!

Wow. This week featured a pretty strong batch. Not a SKIP!! in sight.

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Justin RemerNew Music Friday: Camila Cabello, Khalid, and The Linda Lindas!