Preacher Recap: The End of the Road

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Season finale, folks.

Preacher Recap: The End of the Road

We begin with more of the past–while Jesse was in the swamp, he apparently helped the swamp woman we saw torturing him swindle people regularly, but not entirely by choice.

Back to the present, it looks like Jesse is cooperating with The Grail. Or more specifically, with Starr. He’s prepared a speech for Jesse, and it sounds like he’s to deliver it to a crowd of people, but when he goes to his audience…it’s a classroom of kids in a catholic school? What the hell?

Just as Jesse abandons the cue cards, the classroom is stormed by armed…Armenians? Ok…then, when he tries to use Genesis against them to tell them to put their weapons down, it seems they’re protected by the same thing The Saint was. Jesse uses his more practical skills to disarm them and protect the classroom of kids. During this whole thing, Starr was recording via a cell phone. Hmm. Is he going for a more practical folk hero approach? Apparently.

“This is how we start.”

Featherstone and partner pack up the spy operation and get ready to leave, now that they have Jesse. Cassidy is beginning to see that there’s something off about Denis. He looks at Denis’ computer, and finds that he’s been visiting a site for a group called The Children of Blood. Looks like a vampire (Cult? Gang?) group that encourages rebelling in their ability to kill. Is he going to do anything about it?

Tulip does a bit of light shopping for their impending trip. When she gets back, it looks like Cassidy wants to tell her about Denis, but he doesn’t quite get there. We find out Cassidy is dreaming when he tears Tulip’s throat out. He wakes up, and Tulip gets home and starts packing. I don’t think they’ll be discussing Denis anytime soon.

“Oh, like I’m the bad guy.”

Hitler and Eugene are still making their escape, but it looks like something is following them. Hitler leaves Eugene with someone who can restore him to life. Charon? All he has to do is admit he’s not supposed to be there–and blow a horn? The Warden of Hell catches up to him, however, and offs Charon. Since God is gone, the rules have changed, she says. She plans to keep Eugene.

Hitler comes to Eugene’s rescue (knocking The Warden out with the horn) and they both cast off in Charon’s boat.

Jesse checks his phone for messages from his friends, and finds none.

“No, I can’t. Not with you around.”

Tulip fins the old surveillance camera in the kitchen. She figures out The Grail had been watching them the whole time, but since their plan worked…what difference would it make to tell Jesse?

Cas talks with Denis, and comes to the realization that  if he stays with Denis, he’s going to succumb to his darker side and start killing people. He pushes Denis out a window and into the sunlight, and Denis burns.

Once Hitler and Eugene make it back to the world, Hitler makes a break for it and ditches Eugene.

Once Cassidy goes down to the car, he tells Tulip that Denis isn’t coming. He neglects to tell her why. She takes a minute to go back inside to tell Featherstone goodbye, and she finally figures out that Featherstone is Grail–not some random neighbor.

“I never did tell you about Dallas, did I?”

Jesse finds out that everything isn’t ok with Tulip and Cassidy, and as he’s leaving Starr to go save the day, we see possibly the real reason Jesse is cooperating with him–it looks like he’s got the bit of soul that Jesse had put in The Saint.

Jesse gets to the apartment, and Tulip is bleeding out from a gunshot wound. Featherstone shot her. He tries to use Genesis on Tulip to get her to breathe, but it doesn’t work. Just like with the Armenians.

In desperation, Cas wants to turn her to save her. Jesse doesn’t let him. She bleeds to death on the floor. They pack her in the car, and it looks like Jesse is heading for the swamp woman.

Meanwhile, we see a dirty hotel room. God’s dalmatian costume hangs off a chair, the mask abandoned on the floor.

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