Preacher Recap: Mumbai Sky Tower

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Preacher Recap: Mumbai Sky Tower

We resume with The Saint ominously walking toward Jesse. Jesse tries using Genesis on him, but to no effect.

The Saint fires a shot off at Jesse, but hits a delivery truck driver, causing the delivery truck to swerve and hit him, pinning him against a light pole. Jesse thinks that could be the end of it.

Um, no.

This is The Saint of Killers, remember? This dude is like the worst of the baddies from any cheesy horror film, he just keeps coming, no matter what you literally throw at him.

He actually pushes the truck away, and keeps on walking. Remember that hotel Jesse and company were staying in? It’s hosting a firearms convention, and several attendees have now crowded the street, said firearms in hand. Jesse uses Genesis to tell the crowd to stop The Saint. It works about like you’d expect, resulting carnage and all. But hey, it makes a great diversion.

On the way out, our three see a news report on what became of Annville.

“Do you have any quarters?”

It was a narrow escape.

As our three try to decide what to do next, Cas reveals that he saw a commercial for a weird casino show type thing with a performer they all recognize–the angel Fiore. One of the weirdo former caretakers of Genesis. Well, that’s one place to get answers about The Saint.

Fiore evidently started by staying at the Mumbai Sky Tower, trying to kill himself over and over again, with the usual results (he re-materializes somewhere nearby, leaving the old body behind). Once he figured out he really wasn’t going to die, he made an act out of it, and dies and reappears daily on stage for an audience. He’s now ‘The Amazing Ganesh’. Guess everyone needs to make a living.

No surprise to us–Fiore isn’t exactly happy to see Jesse.

He doesn’t look particularly happy in his new life, either.

He explains who The Saint of Killers is (a demonic murderer from Hell), and that he was the one to hire him. His aim is to destroy both Genesis and kill Jesse. Fiore feels Genesis is too dangerous to exist in the world, since it didn’t want to leave Jesse and come home. The Saint is tracking them every time Jesse uses The Word (Genesis). Well, that’s just great.

Jesse breaks the news to Fiore that God is missing, and although Fiore is upset, he’s still not calling The Saint off.

“I have a skill set you know, I can help.”

Cassidy has a plan.

Oh, man.

Meanwhile, Jesse decides the search for God actually means more now that Annville has been wiped off the map. God has a lot to answer for. Jesse asks Tulip to marry him. Uh oh.

And, um…Cassidy’s ‘plan’ involves goggles and an acetylene torch.

…but for making drugs? He’s trying to give Fiore an out, something to console himself since he can’t kill himself.

And they do a LOT of drugs.

In the bar while Jesse and Tulip are waiting for their number to be called for getting married, Tulip spots a familiar face. She runs off a minute to go look for the guy.

Jesse has a weird conversation with the lounge singer at the bar, and something the man says– “Gotta remember the music”–strikes a chord. God was at that strip club awhile back for the jazz, remember?

Cassidy is pretty sure Fiore is going to call off The Saint (Uh huh).

“Don’t tell Jesse.”

The man Tulip spotted? Someone from her past/present. His boss is looking for Tulip (sounds like her boss, too). Things get violent as he insists she call the boss. He ends up dead.

Somehow, she makes it to the wedding–in time to tell Jesse she doesn’t want to get married.

Fiore tells Jesse he’s called off The Saint, but Jesse isn’t to use Genesis anymore. He also digs in the guilt on what happened to Eugene (Arseface). He does want Jesse to find God.

Jesse figures since God likes jazz, their next stop should be New Orleans.

Jesse’s parting gift to Fiore is to use Genesis to command him to ‘find peace’.

The Saint shows up and asks Fiore if their deal still holds–he kills Genesis, and he gets to see his family again. Fiore tells him it does, and tells The Saint that the trio is headed to New Orleans. He also asks The Saint to kill him, and The Saint obliges.

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