Preacher Recap: On the Road

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Preacher Recap: On the Road

We rejoin Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy on the road to find God and possibly kick his ass.

They’re going to start with an old family friend of Jesse’s, a religious scholar.

All the while, Cassidy is going on and on about circumcision and urban legends of what the snipped skin is being used for. Only Cassidy would come up with foreskins being used in women’s face cream–I’d expect the image of women rubbing cream made from dick parts on their faces makes some sort of sense to him.

“You do have nice skin.” “Shut up.”

…and then they run from the police singing along to  ‘Come on Eileen’.

Can’t make this shit up.

Naturally, they run out of gas and the police catch up.

After it looks like the cops are going to torture Cassidy by making him stand in the full sunlight, Jesse uses the Genesis voice to get them out of it…and to torture the cops a little. Most of the stuff he comes up with are teenage pranks (made one cop mace himself in the nuts, one sing ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas’, and the other two hold hands), and surprisingly, the one who talks him out of further fun is Tulip. She thinks a gunfight would have been more fair.

Then, they’re interrupted by a gunfight. Someone is firing on them, and it kills all of the cops. (Incidentally, the showrunners are upping their gore game a little bit. Aside from heads being blown apart, we have Cassidy using the head of a dead cop to stop the rolling police car he’s hiding from the sun under from continuing to roll. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t.)

After they grab some gas and get the hell out of there, we find out who was shooting–the psycho indestructible cowboy from hell from the first season.

“I’ll deal with him.”

Jesse knows damn well who it is, but he brushes it off when Cassidy and Tulip wonder between themselves who’d be shooting at them. Tulip thinks it was a coincidence, Cassidy presumes it’s someone after Genesis. He’s not wrong there.

Graham McTavish is doing a great job with the dour, scary cowboy-of-few-words. He’s obviously going to be dogging their steps for awhile this season.

Once we get to the scholar’s place, we can see Cassidy has fallen for Tulip, hard. He feels bad they haven’t told Jesse they’d had sex, but Tulip insists they keep it quiet.

While Jesse is in talking to the scholar, Tulip and Cas wander into the guy’s garage and find a young woman in a cage. For them, this is kinda nuts. (Really, everything they’ve done and *this* they find too much?) Turns out, the scholar is a preacher himself, and this is a parishioner who’s asked for help with Instagram addiction. Oooookaaaay.

This preacher isn’t exactly the most polite dude, but he’s an old friend of Jesse’s dad. Jesse tells him God is missing, and he takes everything they say at immediate face value. O.o However, he has no answers.

“If it gets vexatious, gimme a nudge.”

They stay the night at the scholar’s place. Jesse shows him Genesis, and the full weight of everything they’ve talked about seems to fall on the scholar. The scholar tells him he recalls a parishioner of his that claimed God himself had stopped in to her place of business. He gives Jesse the woman’s card. He says she works at ‘a dance hall of sorts’.

Why do I get the feeling it’s a strip joint?

After they leave, the scholar gets a visit from The  Cowboy. We learn he’s actually called The Saint of Killers. The scholar kills himself to avoid telling The Saint where Jesse has gone.

Jesse and company get to the woman’s place of business…and it’s a strip joint. Surprise, surprise. She runs the place. She tells them that God came in a few times, and he probably won’t want to be answering any questions.

“He came for the jazz.”

Jesse and Tulip then proceed to discuss with each other (in front of her) how they’re going to get the answers they want from her. Jesse wants to use Genesis, Tulip thinks that’s lazy, and she’d be more than willing to beat it out of  the woman. They want to know why God was back a few times, and as the woman panics, Tulip reasons that if God was back, it was for a particular girl. The woman finally tells him–God wasn’t there for the girls, he was there for the jazz.

Jazz? Okay.

The strip joint features a jazz band.

The trio stops at a hotel for the night. After some destruction and motel sex, Jesse goes outside for a smoke…and spots The Saint heading straight for him. He tries to use Genesis to get him to stop…but he keeps coming.




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JL JamiesonPreacher Recap: On the Road